Introducing Elegance - A decentralized Art community platform on Steem

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Steemit has recently achieved milestone of 1,000,000 users but still there is large portion of internet users who don't know about Steemit yet. No doubt, soon it will directly compete with other social websites like Facebook, Twitter etc in terms of users and daily activity. There are already many famous communities and apps built on Steem blockchain like @dlive, @dtube, @dsound but Art community was still lagging behind. That's why introducing Elegance - A platform specifically dedicated to endorse and support all the Artists.


What exactly is Elegance?

Elegance is platform where artists of all kinds - painters, designers, print-makers etc can express their imaginative or technical skills and get rewarded in return. This platform can become alternate to sites like DevianArt, CGSociety and Pixiv operating on Blockchain.

Elegance uses Steem Blockchain as decentralized database and interface was designed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind, in the form of Art Gallery.

How to use Elegance?

You can use this platform using your existing Steemit credentials via Steemconnect which is a secure way to use any app built on Steem.


Content Quality

You cannot use this platform to publish plagiarized or spam content and it will be highly discouraged. If you artwork is genuine and you have shown some effort in expressing your skills then there is a high chance of getting support on your post by @elegance.

Goals for 2nd half of 2018

Tentatively Elegance takes only 5 % of your post earnings. Earnings from curation and posts will be used to sponsor art related competitions. Furthermore, Elegance will be promoted on other social websites to bring more artists on Steem Blockchain.
Elegance Token will be finalized after implementation of SMT.

Support Elegance

Elegance is still in beta and just initiating its operations. So support from all the delegators and art communities is highly encouraged. Delegator's reward system will be similar to @utopian-io's model. There will never be any ads or mining scripts embeded in Elegance's website. You can follow @elegance and join Elegance's discord server to see ongoing activities and updates. You can also leave your suggestions at [email protected].

So start using this platform and contribute your share towards art community by publishing your Artwork on



Steemit is a perfect place for artists in my opinion. They are overlooked in the real world.
Good job.

Precisely this, it’s things like Elon Musk saying - “the world can only and ONLY, be changed by design” that helps this cause

Thank you so much for that, appreciate it.

As an artist being here since 2016 this is FINALLY the news i think a lot of creative people here on Steemit were waiting. All the creativity was developing with video publishing etc, But artist were a little bit forgotten, Those who really contribute the original content here on Steemit. Like i do with my drawings,and others are with paintings, photos etc.
There is so much talent here on the new feed when i look through it. Finally some spot light.
Awesome, will be supporting this from now on 100%

Thank you so much for appreciation and support.

The art is humanitic

I'm sure this will be a huge success folks .Bookmarked!.
This is my feedback service btw folks, which might be of interest . Steem on!

Thank you for appreciation.

Congratulations and thanks for sharing! Links to your website and post were included in the wiki article about Art. Thanks and good luck again!

Thank you for you contribution to Art and Elegance community.

This sounds like an awesome initiative!

Hey @rwedegis - be sure to tell @swedegis about this! Maybe it will give her the incentive to start sharing her artwork! 😊

Thanks for the heads up Traci!

You're very welcome, Roger!

However, I have never been able to connect with Steem Connect. Sheila can't either.

Did you pop by the Discord server to see if someone could figure out the problem? Also, when I'm back at my desktop later today, I'll see if I'm able to make the Steem Connect thing work...

Thanks Traci! I wouldn't have any idea who to ask!

Thank you so much for kind appreciation.

You're very welcome, @elegance!

This is awesome.
I was waiting and hoping for something like that.

Thank you for warm appreciation.

The remarkable news, despite the fact that I'm not an artist, I am sincerely happy when there are services of this kind that help attract more new users to STEEM. Good luck to you and Prosperity.

Замечательная новость, несмотря на то, что я не художник я искренне радуюсь, когда появляются сервисы подобного рода, что помогают привлечь больше новых пользователей на STEEM. Удачи Вам и Процветания.

Thank you so much for all the good wishes. Hoping the same for you.

Sucess elegance for your contribution

Good job, excellent, THANKS for sharing!

You are more than welcome.

is this what they call SMTs ?

Best of luck though !!

This platform is just an extension of Steem Blockchain dedicated to Art community. SMTs are entirely different thing which are additional tokens alongside Steem, which will be implemented in upcoming hardfork.

Good news.

Decentralized initiatives are also needed in the arts, they can take quick jump :)

Amazing iniative and I cannot wait to see it grow!

Thank you so much for the kind words

What a GREAT idea! As an artist, iv'e been contemplating a guild for artists on Steem, but this is even better!!! An entire platform built on the Steem blockchain? I'm super excited and will be posting my art on elegance in the future. Thank you very much for sharing =)

You are more than welcome. Looking forward to see your amazing artwork...

Quick question...are there any elegance banners we can use in our posts to support the platform??? I'd really like to help in any way possible, thanks.

You can resteem this post to support the platform, which you have already done, thank you for that.

Currently, we are in evolving stage, so in future you can expect these kind of activities like banners. You can follow @elegance and join discord server to remain updated with ongoing activities.

Thanks @elegance. Great plan. Is there anything like this for writers?

There is not any dedicated platform yet for writers only but there are many support groups available. I can recommend you to checkout @steemitbloggers.

Will you be able to digitally "own" the art you post, or will it become public domain once posted?

Steem Blockchain lies in public domain. Of course your post and its content will be yours but it will be visible for whole general public and there are no Digital Property Rights yet implemented on Steem Blockchain.

Interesting idea, but not perfekt. It is only a Blog Plattform? What is different whith

Steemit is generally for all types of bloggers but Elegance will focus more on Art category

nice job done, THANKS for sharing

You are welcome

loved it. Great initiative. An art destination is the most beautiful destination. Congratulations on the launch of Elegance :)
resteemed :)

Thank you so much for the appreciation.

Can I use old posts of my art or must the work be exclusive to Elegance?

Your posts from your steemit account goes to your elegance account. I was confused at first too.

You have to publish your post using Elegance platform. Old posts would be depicted as duplicate so looking forward to see your new artwork.

Am Glad a platform such as Elegance has emerged, this would help encourage artists of various fields to express themselves more freely and it would also help improve creativity. Nice concept @Elegance.

Thank you so much for appreciation

Iniciativas de este tipo siempre son importantes en Steemit, para todos los que de una manera u otra estamos involucrados en el maravilloso mundo del arte.

Muchas gracias

Can you paste some website screenshots in the post?:) Tipuvote! 1

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I love this idea! I cannot wait to post the pieces I draw on @dtube and then post the actual pieces on @elegance ! Thank you for building on STEEM!

You are more than welcome

Tomorrows Episode I actually mention @elegance It will be titled "5 STEEM apps you might not know about." Great job with this guys, I am super excited about this!

Hey @elegance. That's a great initiative! It's hard to stand out for artists on Steemit.

One thing that it's lacking is a well organised portfolio. Your old drawings kind of get lost on your own blog. A long form comic is hard to follow...

I checked out your site. Pretty straight forward. Any plans for a more complex layout in the future? Any ideas to increase artist exposure, like possibility to buy ads above the fold?

Elegance's is currently in Beta stage and you can expect a little more complex layout in future.

To further increase exposure, there will be competitions, resteems will be done soon along-with upvotes.

This is a great initiative, great job ..
Steemit is a great platform for the artists who can speak out with their words..
This will mostly help to the artists by extented the blockchain

Thank you for appreciation. Looking forward to strengthen Art community.

I am glad that you like my post ,thanks a lot @elegance ,I will show my art passion here.

You are welcome

cool..this is what I searching artist and designer world.
hope can be join in on the team

You can explore to publish your Artwork.

Great new addition to the Steem platform

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Hi @elegance.
I think I found a small bug on your CMS. I wrote about it here:

Thank you for this find, will implement the fix soon.

This is amazing.
Keep it rolling.
Great job to the team

Thank you so much for appreciation

Finally, I found a platform that suits with my hobby. I am very support this platform. Extraordinary!

May I promote this platform using Indonesian language? I would like to introduce this platform in my country, Indonesia.

Thank you and Yes, you can definitely do that.

This post has received a 24.19 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @bluemist.

Hello, great initiative, for the steemt artists. Thank you very much

You are more than welcome

Check out my art. work in my profile and upvote me if you like.

Hi @elegance. Art in each of its expressions is creators of new and different men. Humanity is more sensitized, when art is present. So any initiative that seeks to value the artistic-human work of people, will be very well received. Congratulations for this project. I am a lover of the arts. I am a theater actress and I like to improvise with poetry, I am an artisan, a singer, and I practice everything I can in art, because it fascinates me. I suppose there will be a space for that too?

Art is a very broad category and all things you mentioned also fall into that. Looking forward to see your own Artwork

a lot of support from the Hispanic community, I hope they grow a lot, this has a future!

Thank you so much

We are currently trying to get somebody to do a new logo and an intro video for us... Is this something Elegance could help with?

This feature could be implemented in upcoming update of Elegance but right now you can try

Thanks (: please consider this in the future

Nice initiative. I'm no graphic designer, but it seems like a cool feature to add :)

Thank you so much for appreciation.

Wow! I think I belong here!

Consider yourself always welcomed here

Ive made my first post in elegance already! I called my 81st art Elegance !

A great opportunity and platform for all ARTLOVER who wants to showcase their gifted talent, skills and heart creating their piece. Thank you for making this. Let's all unite for the sake of beautiful and unique ART.

You are more than welcome

Wow, this is definitely going to help emerging/infant artist like us, as it is going to be similar to @utopian-io it's a very good initiative and welcome development, Steem system is very dynamic that if one is not up to date with the development, one might be sidelined for a very long time

Thank you for appreciation

What's the main advantage of Elegance over steemit?

Steemit is for all the general audience and Elegance is dedicated for Artists only, so Art community can prosper together in one place.

Wow. It is surely a great news for artist out there. Thank you for all the hardwork.

You are more than welcome

Here on the right-hand side in the middle you see this one guy writing, "$0.01!!! Really?" That's all I'm getting paid for this? :|

I'm happy to see this
I'll participate... It's an avenue to build myself ancontribute to community

Thank you so much

I am not an artist but I think is very good to have some kind of tool for those who need to show their work.

projeto #ptgram power | faça parte | grupo steemit brasil

Thank you for appreciation

Great news for all the artists out here - the more places art can be shared, the better <3 followed and resteemed

Thank you for support

Excellent. I will share this post in our Facebook Group.... encouraging artists to come from Facebook to Steemit....

Thank you for support

Amazing, it was about time they created a special platform for art. Thanks for sharing!

You are more than welcome

This is fantastic! I've been searching for something exactly like this here on Steemit. Would it be the same to just use the 1st tag instead of the platform?

You have to publish using platform, it would help you to gain more visibility.

Nice the way you're mixing steem and art, really ! Good luck for your project

Thank you so much for appreciation

Bonjour, très bonne initiative, je vous souhaite beaucoup de succès

Je vous remercie

This is great for us artists! When finished reading the post I joined right away to Elegance. Thank you for the hard work

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Thats awesome a place for Artists :)

Thank you so much.


je me permets une demande, puisque vous êtes en Bêta :

je suis passée voir sur votre application.

Et j'ai pu constater que tout ce qui se trouve sur mon mur Bysy (Steemit) apparaît sur mon mur chez Elegance.

A mon sens, l'intérêt de votre plate-forme serait de filtrer, de n'y voir que les posts que j'aurais taggué @elegance (comme Steepshot le fait)

Est-ce que vous envisagez de faire ça ? Ou bien pourriez-vous l'envisager ?

Merci de m'avoir lu.

Merci beaucoup pour votre suggestion. Ce filtre #tag sera bientôt implémenté dans la prochaine mise à jour.

Cool ! Merci pour votre réponse. :)

Hi Elegance

I'm from indonesia
very easy to use this platform
I've tried it
I want to ask if the art of using fabric is accepted here too?
thank you

Yes, it is accepted and you are welcome

bonjour, j'adore votre appli, avez-vous un trail de curation sur @steemauto ? Merci pour votre réponse, bonne journée

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Sounds great!

Anyway for connoisseurs and art buyers/collectors/resellers to participate?

Yes, they can definitely participate.

How, specifically, though? Will there be assessments of artwork? Can we vote... or...?


It will be implemented in upcoming update of Elegance.

This is beyond awesome. Just logged in to check out the layout and feel. Very nice. I will be using #elegance to share my next painting. Thank you for this @elegance team!!! Much Love

You are more than welcome

elegance - Steemit is the perfect place for all artists in my opinion. because sometimes they are ignored in the real world.
Good work. @elegance

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