Principle of the Day

in art •  11 months ago

Principle:  Know what you choose.

......original photography and editing by bleujay.

Thank you to @kus-knee for his 'Mundane As Art' is the link to the most recent regarding door handles and knobs.....which is such a lovely idea.....

'Happy Easter Greetings'  To all Steemians.

A risen Saviour makes all the difference.

.....for you see, God loved the world so much that He gave His uniquely born Son (Christ Jesus) so that anyone who believes on Him shall not perish but have eternal life.  

John 3.16 from the original Greek of the New Testament.

It is faith alone in Christ alone for salvation.

Thank you for your interest Steemit readers.


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Happy Easter to you and yours my friend! Thanks for the post and encouragement!


Greetings @brian.rrr

Appreciate your kind wishes.

Thank you for the value you bring to Steemit and your encouragement as well.

Looking forward to reading Friday Fishing Tales......

Happy Easter to you and your family.


to open or to not :D
I can't choose mon ami ^ ^

just kidding am hyper again
I guess I had too much fructose from my juices

lovely knob!
didn't know that the Old Dog put that up again :)
thanks for the tip!

have a great weekend!


Greetings dear @englishtchrivy.

Appreciate your kind words. ^__^

Do hope you find something to enter @kus-knee's contest......have a look there is some very interesting door furniture in the comment section.

Wishing you a lovely weekend mon ami.

A bientot.


ahoy !
so you're online!

I just sent him the acorn knob
thanks for your tip ^ ^

have a great weekend!

Aahh! An entry into the mundane art contest and a principle! Splendid.

A very lovely door-knob that one and good entry.

Resounding principle too, for so few do. I like the way the principle ties in with the door too, perhaps opening the door signifies a choosing!


Thank you for your kind reply @meesterboom.

Do hope you are considering entering....surely there is a some door furniture nearby that would suit....I can think of some gates with spectacular furniture near Wimbledon....but that is a bit far from you.... ^__^

So happy to hear you enjoyed the post.....I really must give @kus-knee all the credit.....his idea inspired a flury of ideas and activity.

Thought, Motive, Decision, leads to another and they are all involved......sometimes there are those who go straight from thought to action.....which leaves out some necessary a human, volition is one of the most important powers we have.

Thank you for opportunity to think on these things.

Wishing you a lovely evening.


Ah...yes....chooseing...I just read your reply over....yes...chooseing....and have chosen....thank you for inquiring.....


He, yes. Wimbledon would be a bit of a gad. The good lady works be very happy if we went there thought. She is a huge tennis fan.

I would call m Scott the house, we have such a depressingly normal unphotogenic for knobs! I will however keep my eye out!

Looks like a diamond! Beautiful collection der @bleujay
Good luck in the contest!
Wish you happy Easter to you and your family!


Thank you for your kind wishes and compliment dear @pepe.maya.

Perhaps you will enter as well.

What if they were diamonds.....we would certainly have fun photographing them then.....the sparkle would be fantastic. ^__^

Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter.


Another fantastic principle to start off the day with thanks for sharing it and some elegant pictures along with it have a great day : )


Thank you for stopping by @blazing.

Lovely....the photographs brought to your mind the word 'elegant'.......

Appreciate your kind words regarding the post.

All the best.


Thank you for your message and photos. My grandma's house had these doorknobs. Your pictures reminded me of that. Thank you for reminding me of some very happy times.


Thank you for your kind reply @nat-expressions.

Lovely to hear you enjoyed the post.....and that you have a frame of reference for the door knobs.

All the best.

I want a door knob like that pretty cool and happy easter bleujay hope you have a good day. And one other thing I was talking with hansenator and he said he will start posting more soon.


Greetings @tornadoman.

Appreciate you stopping by.

Thank you for your kind wishes and news regarding @hansentor......lovely.

Here's hoping you had a lovely Easter.


Good editing.. You made it special
Greetings for you to


Thank you for your kind comment @biyanoor.

Appreciate you stopping by.


What an amazing craftsmanship on that doorknob. I have never seen a doorknob so pretty like that. Happy Easter by the way @bleujay. The Lord is our Shepherd, Redeemer, and Savior.


Thank you for your kind reply @paulphotograpo.

So happy to hear you enjoyed the post.

Thank you for your kind's hoping you had a lovely Easter celebrating Christ's resurrection.


Welcome to Steemit.

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful photos @bleujay, I didn't expect that it was a door knob when I saw the first photo. Again, thank you for sharing and Happy Easter!


Thank you for your kind reply @asbonclz.

That is good to know.....

My pleasure.......thank you.



You are welcome @bleujay, thanks for dropping by my post :)

there design is totally unique!
haven't seen them here
nicely captured


Thank you for your kind comment.


I was thinking about your principle as I viewed your door knobs and was getting anxious to tell you to enter @kus-nee 's door knob contest!! lol. And of course, I ought to have known better!!

I love the old crystal door knobs. These photos are very nice. Good luck with the contest. I won't be entering it this time.

The words you've shared today are apples of gold in pictures of silver.


Thank you for dropping by @countrygirl.

Appreciate your kind words about the post.......very poetic....'apples of gold in pictures of silver'.

So sorry to hear you are not entering....saw your comment there.

The last couple of entries....I had just done a post regarding the topic.....not this time. ^__^

I appreciate his door furniture intrigues....and these have been waiting patiently to have their portrait taken.

Wishing you a lovely weekend and a Happy Easter.


all of these are beautiful .. i cant ciose one


Very kind of you to say so @ridoykhan.


very good, you have lots of ideas for creative @bleujay and i am amazed with your ability to make a masterpiece.


You are too kind @dianclasher.

I really must give @kus-knee all the credit for his great idea.

All the best to you.


NB Appreciate the reSteem...thank you.


I can see what you do and how you do it, I get the motivation from every work you share. I really like every work that is positive and useful for others my friend @bleujay. thanks @bleujay and i really appreciate it

Know what you choose...

and choose wisely :D


Greetings @koskl.

So true.....choosing wisely is important. ^__^

Thank you for dropping by.


Didn't seem as a doorknob at first :) The tumbnail looks like some golden watch :D Happy Easter!


Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Easter!

good art dear


Thank you for your kind reply @beautypics.

All the best to you.

Happy Easter buddy !

While yes liked the principle of today !

While those are some nice entries fro the contest of Kusknees!


Thank you for dropping by @rehan12 with your kind wishes.

So happy to hear you enjoyed the principle.

Saw your reply at @kus-knee's......looking forward to seeing your entry.

It is the second photograph that bleujay entered into the contest as one can only submit one.

Wishing you a Happy Easter.


You really got a very nice photography! Happy Easter to you @bleujay! Thanks for your effort in putting value to steem :)


Greetings @asbonphotos.

Appreciate your kind words.

Hope you had a lovely Easter..


What a beautiful old doorknob!


Greetings @heatherthebard.

Welcome to Steemit.


nice fhoto 😃😃😃

Good principle! It’s true that we should know what we choose.

Beautiful photos of door knob in close up. It looks like crystal with old style. I like the way you took the photos, great arts!

Happy Easter to you and yours! ;)


Greetings @tangmo.

Thank you for your kind happy to hear you enjoyed the photographs.....just as you say...they are an old style...from 1940's architecture...just a treat to have opportunity to see and photograph.

Thank you for your kind wishes with regard to Easter.....wishing you and yours the same. Cheers. ^__^


It's my great pleasure! Oh! That's really old! You were very lucky to see and photograph indeed.

Wishing you and yours all the best! ;)

I do not know if I would have other thoughts if it would not be Easter holiday today, but today your quote and the photos reminded me on Indiana Jones and the last Crusade, when last crusade asked to choose the grail and Elsa chosen a bejeweled gold cup, but it was wrong the real one was wooden "cup of a carpenter". So one has really think what to choose.

Happy Easter @bleujay!


Thank you for your expressed thoughts @stef1.

Appreciate you dropping by.

Ah yes......even so with the scene from Wm Shakespeare's 'Merchant of Venice' and the selection from the boxes.

Appreciate the opportunity to think on these things with regard to the principle.

All the best to you.


Thank you for your kind wishes......wishing you and yours a belated Happy Easter.

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Beautiful words, I like your content, thank you for your encouragement, regards :D