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RE: Mini-Series “Art Styles” - No.2

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I would love to team up with you in a project... I’m looking for a illustrator for my sci fi project.
Check out my blogpost @bigapplebo and see if you would be interested.

Maybe we could create something together here.. btw are you watching the Olympics ?


Hi @bigapplebo!
Thank you so much - for reaching out to me. I have read the posts about your sci-fi project and am really intrigued.

But I need to be upfront to you - as it is a heart-project of yours. I am not a professional artist and I don't do steemit on a fulltime basis... furthermore I have projects of my own, so that my time is very limited at the moment. I don't have the capacity for another project. 😥

Are you on discord? Maybe we can still connect there. You can find me as "artbunny" - #4304.

PS: Well ... about the Olympics ... does following the news count? 🙈

I am not on discord and thanks for responding. Yes this is a very dear project for me. And I totally understand you being busy.
😉 no worries. I might join discord now actually.
Following news kinda counts... kinda 😛
I will keep following your hobby art and posts, I like your illustrations.
If time free up ever, give me a holla.

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