Mini-Series “Art Styles” - No.2

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Hi Steemians!

To continue my mini-series "art styles" - I will quickly show you my approach on "manga" or "manhua". This time I chose a reference pic by Qing Han or better known as "qinniart" on instagram.

Qinni is a Chinese artist, who calls herself a professional doodler. Her artwork goes from traditional and digital, to animation - and is presented on various social platforms (instagram, facebook, youtube, deviantart etc.). On deviantart she has been even awarded with the Deviousness Award.

It took me roughly an hour to do the sketch with pencils. And as I really like Qinni's art style - I also coloured it afterwards with photoshop. The colouring was done rather roughly and sketchy - and I tried to make the colours look as vibrant as possible. I was experimenting a lot - as I couldn't quite grasp it.

But after another 3 or rather 4 hours - I reached a level, which left me thinking ...

"Well - it is not perfect, ... but I learned a lot. And I think I will try to achieve the "vibrant colour style" with a different approach on the next drawing".

So - here the final result:


Please also watch the following GIF, in order to see the drawing process more properly.


If you enjoy my art, please share and upvote.

Thank you so much for reading,
@artbunny 🎨🐰

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semi-realistic style


Nice character :D keep it up!

Thank you very much! ☺️

I would love to team up with you in a project... I’m looking for a illustrator for my sci fi project.
Check out my blogpost @bigapplebo and see if you would be interested.

Maybe we could create something together here.. btw are you watching the Olympics ?

Hi @bigapplebo!
Thank you so much - for reaching out to me. I have read the posts about your sci-fi project and am really intrigued.

But I need to be upfront to you - as it is a heart-project of yours. I am not a professional artist and I don't do steemit on a fulltime basis... furthermore I have projects of my own, so that my time is very limited at the moment. I don't have the capacity for another project. 😥

Are you on discord? Maybe we can still connect there. You can find me as "artbunny" - #4304.

PS: Well ... about the Olympics ... does following the news count? 🙈

I am not on discord and thanks for responding. Yes this is a very dear project for me. And I totally understand you being busy.
😉 no worries. I might join discord now actually.
Following news kinda counts... kinda 😛
I will keep following your hobby art and posts, I like your illustrations.
If time free up ever, give me a holla.


perfect sharing

Thanx! 😉

Fantastic art .
Art is gift of God. I am also a artist but I like to make things with recyle things. Keep it up.

Oh - I like that idea to recycle things by creating something new. I actually know someone, who makes jewelry out of coca cola cans. 😊

Wow really you know about that person.
Who is he\she ?Is using steemit or not? .
I wanna see the jewlry

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