The Seat - free sketching from a basic idea (video+images)

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Hello :)

Here are some steps of a quick drawing, made last week to complete a graphic gap in my Wandering in Imaginary Lands latest part.

The base idea, was to depict a passive sitting guy, the rest was left to pure random inspiration.

While it's not a the best piece of art we'll see on steemit, it can be useful to explain some specific working approach.

I worked on a wooden plank covered with a flat layer of gesso, wich can endure with no damage all the changes, erases, and heavy stumping/shaping.

Graphite on this support tends to be harder to control : it will be harder to get fine shading, but it's easier to get dark tones with a simple HB pen.

We all fear these dark eraser stains when working on paper, but on rigid supports, the grease that developps on the support is something to play with while drawing and erasing.

It's possible to complement this with a bit of watery blending methods, which gives very special rendering to graphite, with deep dark shadows.

Here are some pictures:




Thanks for reading !
Have fun, and feel free to experiment ;)

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Cool drawing I love it. And great style :)

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Hey, coming from you, it's an honor Mr @sanderjansenart ! O7
Thanks a lot ;)

Whoooo!!! so sci-fi! lovit


Glad you appreciate :) Thanks for the comment :)

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Wow! Great work! I like small details!


thank you @sweettais :)

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Thanks for the invite :)


Thanks you @Slothicorn ! :D

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