Art - Pathfinder Characters I painted for the 2019 Core Rulebook

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Howdy Steemo's

Hope you are all doing well today?
Yesterday I got a bunch of Pathfinder books in the mail - Actually right after I posted the last Steemit Blog -

In the past when I was a little bit more active around these boards I quite often got to share Pathfinder Characters.
I used to do a lot more work with Paizo on their IP's, but throughout 2018 that work slowed down a bit.

This was due to a lot of other work I had going on and.. I still haven't found a way to clone myself.. so.. I couldn't take it all on!

This year however I've been able to do some more stuff for them, and throughout this year and 2020 there will be a lot more books and products being released by Paizo where I've worked on. YAY!

Here are my latest 3 characters for the new 2019 Core Rulebook!

Hope you like it! :)
Rogier / @beekart


Very impressive mate, very cool characters. especially the first character looks like he got the most love and time from absolut beautiful masterpiece!

Thank you very much @Bronkong :D glad you like em!
Yeh all those damn patterns pfffff :D

These are nice works you did @beekart!

Thank you very much :D

You're very welcome! :)

Gorgeous, Rogier :D I really like the attention to details and thoughtfulness you've put into each character's outfits and poses :D These kinds of things accentuate the personality of each character very nicely !

Love your colours, as usual <33333333

Thank you so much @veryspider ! :)
Glad you like it! Its such a pain sometimes to make all those textures and patterns tho -_-!

You never dissapoint. Great character drawings 😁

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Thanks man! :D You still have the art hanging on the wall? ^^

Sure do 😁 I'd never get rid, couldn't be happier with it 😊

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Amazing characters, all three of them:)

Thank you very much :D i do my best!!

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Thank uuuu!


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Thank you very much! ^^ im not sure what it means!

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