Art - Battle of Gods!

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Hey Steemers!

It's been a while! :)

I'm rly busying building my bussines - - Which is going really well! I'll perhaps - if anyone is interested - write a little blog about it. It is quite fascinating how much you need to learn and what a freaking rollercoaster it is when all of a sudden you get pulled in by other businesses and distributors that want to sell the stuff you are making. :P

Here is one of the latest commissions I did.

Battle of Gods

Here is a break down of how I painted this!

First of I started with a composition sketch

I then gave it a bit more body - so i sort of knew where the larger forms would be and it gave me an idea on how to light the image.

Now i gave it some color (tiny bits :P ) and lit up the background - i did this so i made a more clear distinction from the fore ground characters. .. sort of cut them lose from the background.. not sure if im making sense :D

Now i darkened up the characters, gave them some more colors aswell as the background create a more struggle between the red and blue

More of the same and slowly rendering out the shapes and details

More details and adding some patches of fog/atmosphere to soften darks and lights and make it blend better. The key is to try and guide eye of the viewer to the parts you want the viewer to look at. This piece really is quite in your face with that :P

Final - some color tweaking and small details!

Hope you like it! :D


@Beekart / Rogier


Who's surprised other people want to sell/distribute your stuff? Not me XD Yay for business going well :)

Is this the tail end of the battle or is it a friendly sparring match? :)

hahah well i was surprised!! :D
It is quite flattering tho ^^

These two are just cuddling maybe :P :P

Oh it was THAT kind of battle was it 🤣

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Hey, Rogier! You posted! \o/ And what a cool artwork :D :D :D It's always a treat to see you post, mannnnn~

And yep yep, would LOVE to read more about building your business and how the rollercoaster has been :D

Love the composition and the colours, and really neat to see the stages, too <33333333

Hiya! Yesss I posted.. I know! A long time since...

Thank you so much! Glad you like it ^^

I will post a little story on my experience soon on what its like. Its been fun!

Wow, really impressive artwork:) I checked the site also, interesting idea to enrich MtG with new cards and other. Is this is an artwork for a card?:)

Thank you very much! :)
The ones on the website are indeed token cards for MTG - this is just a commission piece I did for someone.

As always, your artwork is amazing.

The characters feel uniquely stylized and makes me want to know more about them!

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Thank you so much @nateaguila ! :)
Glad you like it! There is some lore behind these characters but I never know what i'm allowed to share when it comes to private commissions :')

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Thank you very much!!! :D

Great peace of art. Why don't you use #creativecoin tag

Thank you for the suggestion! I added the tag ;)

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