SAC Steemarket Art Contest ~ meanwhile in the woods ~

in art •  10 months ago

Hello Sunday Lovelies of the Steemoon !

Here is the Part Two of my walk in the woods through simple leaves
that you might have read or missed yesterday ;-)

This post will also be my submission to the Steemarket Art Contest #3 by talentuous @paolobeneforti

you cand find his announcement post here


Background was painted with acrylics on black paper for a nighty atmosphere, and also the use of Neocolor II ( watersoluble wax pastels) on a white gesso-ed based shape for the creature for more brightness of it ^_^


category : 1. traditionnal painting

title : meanwhile in the woods

date : August 2015

size : 30 x 30 cm

Technique : acrylic painting on paper



Have a wonderful evening my dear fellows !

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Lovely art my dear friend @barbara-orenya! Have a gave a great Sunday!


likewise ! thanks much ^_^

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thank you ! ^_^

Amazing work my dear friend Up&Resteem

fantastic art my friend and good working 😍


Thank you ;-)

Wow its beautiful!


thanks much ;-)

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Hyacinthefleur.pngThank you ^_^