9 days left to join the Art Discovery Contest

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 Hi to all art-fans on Steemit! You have time till July 12, Wednesday to join the Art Discovery Contest and win 15 or 10 Steem! (The whole prize fund is 35 Steem).

 To participate, you need to publish a post about some iconic artist who comes from your country.

 I will briefly recall the conditions of the contest:

 — make an author's post containing «Art Discovery Contest» and the name of your country in the title, and #artdiscovery as one of the tags
 — publish in the post your story about artist who was/is from your native country.
 — all participants can submit their posts to July 12, Wednesday, 11pm GMT.
 — the results will be posted on July 15, Saturday.
 — I will guarantee rewards. The best post will receive 15 STEEM. And 2 other selected posts will receive 10 STEEM each.

 Countries that are already in the game:

 Holland: post about painter Carel Willink by @tishyaoedit
 Romania: post about painter Alexandra Nechita by @anquazaru
 USA: post about comic artist Gene Colan by @cryplectibles
 USA: post about visual artist Sarah Grant by @midwestblues

 Let's add more!

 Please share this post to other art-fans :)

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Busy day, but I worked on mine yesterday! Will have it posted by tomorrow at the latest.

Thank you for its very interesting information. I'll talk to my friends.

Very good, I also dedicate myself to make these posts, would you happen to look at them? Up vote


Busy-busy-but I will try to post something by the deadline!

My article about Pavel Filonov. I am sure many people do not know well this remarkable artist.

Upvoted .... I will resteem and submit for Canada


Cool! Thank you for resteem :)

This is cool - I look forward to participating - I will be back to include a link to my post representing the USA! I have upvoted and resteemed! Great idea - this will be a lot of fun and will as your contest suggests will absolutely help to increase awareness of some of the many great artists through time from all over the world! I'm excited!

Hey @awispa! I love this contest - I had a lot of fun preparing this post - I hope you enjoy it - there look to be a lot of great contestants so far - this is very exciting! Thank you! My Art Discovery Post Submission: USA | Bill Watterson

I look you are talented in art. So I followed you, hope to follow me back from you :))

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