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I had so much fun painting Venom in Procreate!


I have made a quick portrait painting of Venom and it was so much fun! Especially the slime was really fun to paint. The teeth were quite challenging, but I like how it turned out.


Made on my iPad Pro in Procreate


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Witwew! I can't imagine if I can do that. The video proved you're a geek. He is a very famous character here in our area that's I got hooked on it!

Aannd wow! You're nailing it! The details are very much realistic and too amazing to follow. You're an absolute art magician @artwithflo. What software did you use?


Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear you like my work :)
I worked in the app Procreate on iPad Pro.

This is a great Venom artwork, Flochan :D.
I like watching you drawing him on the video (both you and your daughter are cute lol), and the final artwork is also very lovely.        
Congratulations for your curie vote :).      


Thank you so much Scrawly! I can't wait to make more stuff like this :D

howdy from Texas artwithflo! wow..I've never seen anything like this, thank goodness you made the video of it, I was wondering how you made him look so glossy and that was amazing to see take place, some thing with the teeth though! lol. the whole thing really.

Now, you said you did a "quick" painting so how long did this piece actually take? I guess it's much faster using the software online than trying to paint it on a canvas?
super great job!


Thanks so much, glad to hear you like it! This piece took about one hour. I don't need to wait for any paint to dry, so that's very convenient :D


haha! well yes I guess that's true of course, being a non-painter I didn't figure that in..well I think that's super fast for the quality that it is, and you had help from your assistant? lol. your impossibly cute one?

Hi artwithflo,

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Thank you so much, that is wonderful to hear!

I tried to learn digital art as well. But yours is amazing. Hope one day I can reach your standard. Your venom looks real like in movie. How long it take you to finish this master piece?


Thank you so much! I worked on this for about an hour


wow.. that is fast with such a result. Keep it up

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Thanks so much!

too much talent doing the drawing of venon thanks for sharing your talent too much art @artwithflo you are a master of art download the image for my son's party that that character likes.


Thank you so much! Glad to hear you like it :D

Wow thanks @artwithflo. Your digital artwork is very realisitic. I love the gloss you added to the Venom. It looks really scary with the teeth and tongue and saliva dripping. Is this a character you are working on for a project? I think it would make a scary villain in a movie :)


Thanks so much! Venom is a Marvel character, a movie about him is hitting the theatres soon!


Oo darn, I am so outdated with this. My nephews were telling me about Thanos and Hulk, and I went "Tha-who?" Sorry and thank you for letting me know. It is no wonder that his eyes looked familiar like Spidey's :) And the little girl in the video is so cute!

I've been into digital arts also but wow! Such an amazing talent you have!


Thank you!

Aw, this is awesome! ^.^

Woaaaaa thats very realistic omg X_X unfortunately I havent seen the video since I dont have wifi right now and gotta save my data XD

its very realistic idk if the movie will be good though LEL

Too much venom! Heheheh! This is just amazing, I love those slime too, it clearly was fun painting that part...

It looks pretty scary! Great work!

@artwithflo Amazing your digital artwork. You have developed a great super incredible talent. Your Venom work looks so real with sharp teeth and drips between them. It's amazing to see the process and how it adds every detail to your great work step by step.
You achieved an incredible result. Congratulations. Successes. A big greeting.

Oh! A little girl's video!
Super very nice digital art indeed!
Can I make a request @artwithflo?

Can you make a seraphim?

wooow this is good-looking! I'm glad you shared your process, very real this Venom, give a little terror hahahaha. Greetings!

uff. nothing more to say that: THIS IS AWESOME! i really want to welcome the digital art to my world, but right now is not possible due to my personal issues, is a must anyways and i will be able to manage one tablet someday! hope i can see more of your work, following you right now just for do so! congrats, very awesome work!

it's so amazing to this I call it Ipad art

I've watched the video and i still don't know how you managed to do that. The quality is amazing. So detailed and realistic. You have obviously put down a lot of hours on that program to be able to use it in that way. It really is top quality.

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This is so well done it is so realistic it is almost scary...great work.

Amazing Venom ! You nailed his sliminess so well !! Amazing video * ___ *

Oh goodness! It looks really scary. It looks so real, looks like any minute it can spring to life and cause havoc. You really are amazing, you pay attention to details that is why the resulting picture is superb. Great work here @artwithflo.

Amazing level of detail and process work. These videos just add fuel to my inspiration to do better at my own art. This Venom looks nasty and cool that. I learned a bit of techniques from the video you shared. Hopefully those techniques would boost some of my digital skills too. :D

I have never seen a video showing the process of a digital illustration .. And I loved it ... The brightness, the slobber, all those little details were great .. I am short saying that it is an excellent post .. A thousand blessings !! Greetings @artwithflo