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Professional Photography Tips and Tricks

In this serie of blog posts I'll be sharing photography tips and tricks. Things I've learned during my career as a professional wedding photographer. It is not supposed to be a guideline for photography, but just a little peek into my world and how I like to work

Part 1 - Creative Angles

In this first blog post I'd like to discuss creative angles when photographing. As a wedding photographer I like being on the move, constantly looking for creative angles to capture my subject (often a wedding couple ;)).

PRO TIP: Keep moving around, looking for the best angle to capture your subject

When you try to decide your angle, the first things to check are the light and composition, BUT once you've got that covered, you can take that little extra step. What if you lay down on the floor, climb a wall, a tree, use reflective surfaces?


Okay, it might not look very charming, but I love exploring low (really low) angles. Don't be afraid to get your clothes dirty to get those killer shots!


For this shot I lay down in the grass while the bride was swinging on this swing. The shot was taken with a 14-24mm Nikkor lens, so you can imagine her feet were actually pretty close to my face!

PRO TIP: Don't be afraid to get your clothes dirty

It's easy to 'go low', but sometimes you also get the opportunity to 'go high'! Sometimes this means using a simple bench or wall, I love getting up close to our wedding couples from above.


FloortjeVisser (4).jpg

If you are a good climber, be sure to try out climbin in trees as well! You can get some pretty amazing shots from above.



Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions :)

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Thank you for your tips, I only took a few months learning about photography but I hope to get to take this kind of photos some day not too far, very useful.


Thanks! Glad you like my tips. Have fun photographing!


Thank you, I'm glad to hear you like it :)


Thank you, glad you like it :)

I am an amateur photographer and I find your tips very informative Thanks!!!


That is wonderful! I hope the tips in my next posts will be of help as well :)