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Greetings to all of Steemit's friends.
Today I present a watercolor painting with a very important subject, but neglected by the Administrations and Superintendencies of the Fine Arts.
I first made a series of photographs and then painted two watercolors of this magical place: the entrance to the ancient Roman Theater of Terracina.
A theater unique in the world, which at the time could accommodate 4000 spectators and still today could be used for theatrical performances or concerts of excellent quality.
It is the only Roman theater in the world present on a large square and therefore directly connected to the urban layout of a city center.
Returning to my watercolor work, the ocher, yellow and red, Siena and the shades of Sepia or Bruno Van Dick stand out immediately.
I inserted Payne's gray brushstrokes to accentuate the aged effect. You can see it in the details I attached.
Finally the shadings that with the permanent violet and the violet tied to the cobalt blue blend on the ochres and with the colored grays.
Many difficulties I had to give the idea of ​​stones of various nature and size and to color the aging of the construction material.
I hope you enjoy the painting and I attach other photos of the archaeological site.
See you next time.
Armando Sodano

Un caro saluto a tutti gli amici di Steemit.
Oggi presento un dipinto ad acquarello con un soggetto molto importante, ma trascurato dalle Amministrazioni e Sovrintendenze delle Belle Arti.
Ho prima realizzato una serie di fotografie e poi dipinto due acquarelli di questo luogo magico: l'ingresso dell'antico Teatro Romano di Terracina.
Un teatro unico al mondo, che all'epoca poteva ospitare 4000 spettatori e ancora oggi potrebbe essere utilizzato per rappresentazioni teatrali o concerti di ottimo livello.
E' l'unico teatro romano al mondo presente su una grande piazza e quindi direttemente collegato all'impianto urbanistico del centro di una città.
Tornando al mio lavoro ad acquarello, risaltano immediatamente le ocre, gialla e rosse, terra di Siena e le tonalità del Seppia o Bruno Van Dick.
Ho inserito pennellate di grigio di Payne per accentuare l'effetto invecchiato. Lo potete vedere nei dettagli che ho allegato.
In ultimo le ombreggiature che con il viola permanente ed il violetto legate al blu cobalto si fondono sulle ocre e con i grigi colorati.
Molte difficoltà ho avuto per dare l'idea delle pietre di varia natura e dimensione e per colorare l'invecchiamento della materia costruttiva.
Spero che il dipinto vi piaccia e allego altre foto del sito archeologico.
Alla prossima.
Armando Sodano

la storia 2017 cm.48x32 e la natura.jpg

title: the abandoned history
technique: watercolor on paper fabriano rouge 400g.
size: 40x60cm.
private collection

la storia 2017 cm.48x32 sold out1.jpg


la storia 2017 cm.48x32 sold out3.jpg

la storia 2017 cm.48x32 2.jpg


photograph of the place

overview of the archaeological area

the square of the Town Hall in which the Roman Theater is present


the trunk of Roman column in Tivoli marble of excellent workmanship.

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What a stunning artwork and incredible photos! Awesome post, @armandosodano!

PS: I've found your post because @delishtreats featured you in his entry for the Pay It Forward Contest


ty @trincowski for your support and comment!

What a beautiful painting of a beautiful city! Thank you for sharing!


ty for your comment


I love your painting and I have decided to feature it in Pay It Forward Curation contest help by @pifc. Here is my entry.

Have a lovely day!


ty I am very honored for your choice @delishtreats


My pleasure! You're an awesome artist!

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Che bel dipinto! Era anche bello leggere e imparare del teatro.


Grazie mille del tuo commento @la-fumettista

Beautiful, @armandosodano ! I love this so much ! The detailing are well done, and you captured the feelings of an abandoned part of history very nicely with your piece.... The entrance looked quite forgotten and forlorn !

Love the zoomed up pictures, also, and the photos really bring a sense of reality into the post <3

Great post, I love it !

upvotes and resteems

very beautiful , and so much details , you changed the picture in a nice way in your painting :)

Amazing place maestro @armandosodano An idyllic place for an artist to live and create. Thanks for sharing it. It looks genuine. Regards maestro

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Con gioia vedo che hai messo anche foto del luogo: purtroppo il mondo moderno schiaccia prepotentemente il passato. Sintomo di un legame dimenticato con il proprio passato e le proprie tradizioni.
Saprai chi sei, fin quando ti ricorderai chi fosti!


Grazie Guido sempre puntuale il tuo commento!

Wonderful post. I love that you've included art, photography and history in one great post.
I found your post from @delishtreats's Pay it Forward contest entry. Keep up the great work!

I upvoted you through the @pifc nomination Great work i love the detail 3 painting. It looks like ollalai in Italy ! But what is the town called in the painting ?


Terracina is a city and comune of the province of Latina - (until 1934 of the province of Rome), Italy, 76 kilometres (47 miles) southeast of Rome by rail and 56 kilometres (35 mi) by the Via Appia by car.


Oeps I looked like ollalai in Italy do you know that ?


no I don t know:)

Absolutely stunning @armandosodano!! I love it :) Thank you so much for sharing your talent here!!

I found your post because @mmunited featured you in his Pay it Forward Curation contest entry; please consider joining us with an entry of your own next week!


ty @lynncoyle1 I m very glad:)))

Wowww really amazing watercolor painting i love it.

Beautiful watercolor!
And it's always interesting to see the references.