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maybe some people think that digital arts is only for the professional artist, but it's absolutely WRONG!!, i'm a beginner and i also used the digital art application to draw, the only think that we have to do is understand about the application principle, this is based to the application that you used to draw. Here is some basic tutorials by myself about drawing digitally, hope you enjoy it XD

Step 1

as usual, you can draw the basic sketch. it don't have to be neat as long as you know about the gesture

Step 2

Fix the linearts using the 2 px pen(sharp) on a new layer, note: the px is based on your desire

Step 3

now you can hide the old layer which contain the basic sketch, sorry I've been colored his hair XD

Step 4

the you can start to colored the eyes, for this step i usually used the watercolor brush ^_^

Step 5

use the selection tool to make the coloring process easier

Step 6

by using the selection tools, its make you possible to coloring without affecting to the other part of your artworks

Step 7

draw the shadows effect, it would make the picture more fancy, maybe ? XD

Step 8 |the last step

after finishing all of the step, now you can save your artwork to local saves, export it to the external storage, or shar it ^_^

thanks for reading my post, here is the other tutorials, that maybe can help you in digital arts, i'm also a beginner here .. have a nice day XD

drawing chibi tutorials by @aranda ^_^


Can you post link to the app? Thanks. really nice post.

thanks, @prettycyntia here is the download link of the application that i used :
or you can search in google playstore for android & IOS version XD

Thanks a lot.. Can you draw for me? I need a logo/banner for my contest. Are you on discord?

no i'm not on discord, but i think i can draw a logo for you. What kind of logos that you want?

@prettycynthia ,my discord arandaart#6748

Great job my son, keep work again....more....and more

i'll try my best ^^

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thank you so much for adding my name in that list, i'm glad XD

I want to do some character designs for my story!

yeah, that's good @hypexals-spiral if you have no ideas, you can always check my post for the tutorials XD
i hope you enjoy it XD

These are really amazing. Looks what I can dare attempt it. Hahahaha. Great post!

thank you @misterakpan, i'm glad if you think so :D

hi, arigato gozaimasu sensei ^_^

Excellent post. @aranda

Good going! Keep up the good work :)

thanks for the advice :D

Thanks. really nice post

you're wellcome ^^

wow great post... i already attempt doing it very interesting

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