"The Parrot-Leaf", pencil and watercolor on paper, 2017steemCreated with Sketch.

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Hey, I did a parrot :)
(Yes ... a bird ... again ...)

I did it on paper, on a sepia background made with watercolor, and with a black and a white pencil.

I made it with the same technique as my last insects (my musical insects project). The colored background allows to add lights (and not only shadows as you can usually do on a white blank paper), it's sooooo pleasant!

Some pictures of the process:

(Bonus picture ^^')

It's not the first bird I did, if you like it, here is more birds:



Beautiful painting !

Thank you ^^

I love the leafy feathers! I've played with a similar concept in this piece:
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Wonderful bird illustration and I love the concept of it as leaves/twigs. That ice cream looks pretty good too! ;)

lovely work as always my friend :)