My last painting & drawing exhibition is now open, in Marseille, France

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Hey :)

My last exhibition (my 3rd actually) is now open and takes place in Marseille (France) at the Zone 44 gallery, which is also a tattoo parlor:

If you want, you can still view it for few weeks at:

44 Rue Edouard Delanglade, 13006 Marseille, France

During this exhibition 22 paintings and 9 drawings I did are presented, you can see a short "virtual" visit of the place in this video:

There were so many people at the opening reception!!!
I was a bit intimidated to be honest ahah:

More detailed views:



IMG_20180217_182359 (1).jpg

I framed all my insects for the show (you can see the timelapses in my previous posts):


And finally a full view of all my presented paintings and drawings in this exhibition:


I hope there is not "too much" pictures in this post, but I think it's also a way to show a bigger part of my work in a single post :)

I hope you like it!



lovely. such a good job


Thank you so much @geekgirl :)

Bravo @apolette, great works, well presented..good luck and wish you some collectors visits :)

Hey, thank you, I hope too ! :)

Omg, congratulations for you job!, i love it

Congratulation on your exhibition @apolette! Your bugs are great! Creative, interesting and excellent drawings. Happy to find such artwork here on steemit. Wish you many more exhibitions and further success.

Ohhh, thank you so much :)

Hi @apolette, I am very impressed with this collection of art! What a cool exhibition! It is tough to pick a favorite but the elephant and bear heads sectioned into pieces did stand out to me. Great work! Good luck selling some of these!

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Wow, thank you so much, I did not expect that! Thank you for reading/watching, and for your feedback :)
It is an honor for me to be featured, you can quote any text or images from this post. I will contact you on Discord.


Hey, thank you :)

Great work. I love the 'dissected' pieces. Congrats on your exhibit and on your curie!

Thank you ^^

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