A Call to Solidarity - Earn Your Own Design-Self Portrait in Return!

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Hi Everybody !

It's something weird that you will listen me asking for solidarity. So let's do it in another way!

(All the images are my own creation and so I own the rights of them)

I've been lately taking some steem out of Steemit thanks to the powering down. But do you know the reason?

I have a laptop that allows me to work remotely. At the moment I am living in Poland because my girlfriend (who I met twelve years ago through internet) is from here. Even tho' I am earning enough money for living with the freelance work, work is not always there and I have to save it for tough times to come.

You know my quality. But that is not enough for me...

...I am looking for evolving, for learning new knowledge that will allow me to grow further...

...and 3D is the answer here.

3D will allow me to go further, to evolve. To get into another level of quality for my 2D skills and

I've already done some 3D stuff as reference and the result was pretty nice actually. You can see another example right here where I used 3D as a very solid base. I think that was my very first attempt in 3D. And the result was pretty nice.

For the one above I used a very low-poly base, without even color, just a reference of light to try to get there... This is a whole new world of possibilities, because in 2D you have to re-draw the whole scene, but in 3D you just change the camera, and it all becomes alive!

There is only one problem: My laptop doesn't really allow me to do 3D and adapt to the right workflow.

Most of times it just crashes and I end up losing all the progress. I must say that it is great for 2D software, but the video-card and processor just can't handle it.

I bet that most of you know how frustrating it is to start doing your project, stay on it for the whole night and get this pop-up for breakfast.

This all means a lot of frustration, stress and loss of time. Not to say that every minute in a professional artist's life is important, because every minute you take for anything, you lose it for practicing.

I want to show you what I am aiming for in this 3D world.

This is a beautiful design made by Rafael Zanchetin, one of my favorite artists at the moment.

His technique is based on making a concept, then make a low-poly 3D base and over that a 3D hand-painting technique

This is something really really sick and amazing. It gives the opportunity to get more and better works and to evolve as artist.

This is why I am asking for your help, but not for nothing in return ;)

I am not a fan of asking without giving something first.

I want to give away as many designs or personalized portraits as the support of this post, and two more to come will allow us to take.

That's right! for every 150 dollars that this post will make, I will make a design or portrait of as many winners as this post's payout achieves. This means that when it achieves the 150, i will give away one, at 300 two, and so on.

You may think 150 dollars is a lot of money... think about this...

From the 150 dollars I will only receive 75% and you, my fellows, the another 25% in curations. from that 75% I will only be able to take the half or less for my purpose. So it would be around 60 dollars for making an artwork.

If you still believe this is a lot of money for only one piece, please read the following:

I am 26 and I've been working professionally in the industry of video-games, cinematography and advertising for 7 years already. I've worked for Warner Brothers (Injustice 2: Among Gods), Trendy Entertainment (Dungeon Defenders 1 and 2) Solstar Games (BattleBlox Online), The Mill (Many advertisements world-wide). I believe this is actually a tiny price for the quality you will receive. And the more we collaborate, the more you will receive =)

How to participate?

Just by clicking upvote you are already doing! I will randomly choose the winners between the upvoters! Easy cake!

If you resteem you have more chances!!

So many beautiful people, just like you, helped me already so much! But we can get even further with your help!

So come with me! Let's do this together! Let's get better together!!

Thanks a lot for your attention and I can't wait to make your artwork come true!! =)

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Keep doing great work! Upvoted and resteemed this post. =)

I love your style. You are really gifted. Good job.

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I must be slipping. I don't know how I haven't noticed your work before now. Major quality work! Let's get you some $$. Resteeming, of course.

Thanks @celsius100 ! I really appreciate it ! =))

Upvoted and Resteemed friend - your work is incredible - I too want to explore 3D as my next skill to master.. was actually just talking about this with a friend the other day. Your resume of career work is extremely impressive and you absolutely deserve to receive some reward from your talents. I have been following for a while now and I am a HUGE fan. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your skills evolve as you start to learn this new medium!

ohh thank you so much @j-vo ! your words are like a warm caress =)

As soon as I will get some knowledge on the field I hope to help you as much as I can, but now i am just a noob :P

Wow dude! I just discovered you hehe :) So happy about it :D I am a freelance artist as well, and I know what you meant by saying ''save money for tough times'' and unfortunately I know how terrible you felt when you lost all the work you've been doing for hours, sometimes even weeks...crazy and so frustrating...Well done for your artwork! You are really amazing one and thank you for sharing your art with us! This doesn't happen often: upvoted, followed, resteemed! Good luck!

Oh thank you so much! I really feel this thing about loosing your work... many times happened already and not only with 3D but also with PS and many artworks that i've been working on for few hours. Damn I remember these times with a lot of hate.

You're welcome! Yeah, I know, it's hard not to feel bad about those times but I find it as a lesson, now I automatically press ctrl+s like after few lines hehe and then the saving takes a second...not minutes...but I must admit now I really have great computer and laptop so those situations are not happening anymore...

ask my left half brain frontal's 12 white hairs..sometimes I could feel it burn and die.. lol .. my lap is from the bronze age but it's the only one I have :). If you want some tips about starting 3d ask me any time I try to give you the best answer possible :)

i was checking what u up to then i saw the resteem .. same here

Yeah man, thats a good step forward to work in 3d ...Maybe you should look for a tower pc. Laptops often have this problems.

Indeed, that s what I am aiming for! hopefully i will make it real soon =)

the images looks very great, i just to draw when i was young, i know thats diferent, but i will like to know; what technique are you using?

Ufff... es un tema complejo! Uso muchisimas tecnicas diferentes para llegar a resultados parecidos o diferentes. De hecho creo que voy a ponerme de nuevo con los tutoriales de Photoshop, que ayudan mucho a la comunidad. Tal vez hasta pueda mandarlos en español para nuestros hermanos de la comunidad hispana =))

Well that s a complex topic! I do use a looot of different techniques to achieve similar results. In fact, I think i will get back to writing PS tutorials. I believe they help a looot to the comunity =))

Great post ,those characters look absolutely amazing,worth an upvote.
Hope you raise enough money to get the hardware you need,thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing more of your work.

Thanks a lot @makrotheblack! You are awesome !!

Interesting choice. I'd like to see what 3D work you come up with. I'm sure you will enjoy ZBrush :)

You have some crazy skills . I hope you like Poland, I was born there :) Where are you staying? I am building my own skills in sculpting and portfolio to be able to work as freelance full time. I make custom toys and models. It does not always pay the bills so I am looking for different opportunities. I found this platform just yesterday, I see you are doing very well here. Meaby some day we will be able to collaborate ;)

I am living in Krakow now! I really love Poland! it has everything! So bad many people is so conservative tho' :(

Welcome to Steemit buddy! You can really make a hella lot of money here! Mostly if you keep it until it gets more value =))

Keep up the good work @anritco - I am still in shock that you are 26 and met the girl of your dreams on the internet at age 14! WoW!! It def. was much easier to meet people 2005. Rock on....

I would love to get into this!
You need to "repost" it though as it's to old to upvote on.

Will do buddy! I think it would be cool to do the second post about this following the amount of money it gathered ! Will do tomorrow ;)

And thanks a lot!

Couldn't find you on discord so I messaged you on chat instead

Great publication
He continued

Wanna do the art for a graphic novel for me?

awesome work. You absolutely deserve an up vote :-)

Resteemed, folllowed and upvoted :)! Artists uniteeeed~~

cracking work dude ! check out shroomstudio.com perhaps we can do some work together one day :)

Very nice work, you deserve a new laptop! Upvoted and resteemed with pleasure!

Fantastic artwork. Now following.

You are so creative

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Couldn't agree more man! 3d is fun. I love how I can now visualize my 2d concepts and characters in 3d and even put some life into them using animation. I really enjoy working in 3d :)

alot of gifted fellows here on steem. no wonder the community is growing rapidly. nice one @anritco

Amazing artwork! Good luck with your goal.
I know the feeling of losing a whole nights work.

Nice post

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow! @anritco This is some serious digital skill, man

This is incredible! I love your style.

You've got some mad skills bro

good luck

Woah man! Did you make those pictures on the PC? If so, I am very impressed.

Talk soon!

wow is great, thank you for sharing that unique and stylish talent