Inktober 2019 - Day 28 RIDE... Get on my motorcycle

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Imagine that you go out for a walk like anyone else and suddenly you see a person riding a horse and enjoying his afternoon.
But I want to change that today, it is time for a revolution where horses can truly enjoy a motorcycle with many horsepower.
Now imagine a new scene ... you're walking listening to the roar of an approaching engine, you turn your head and see a horse riding a motorcycle on a beautiful sunny afternoon.
Did you like the idea? It has caused me a lot of laughter, a saddle with a saddle.

Keep watching a little more, I present the process of this illustration made for InkTober.

My materials for this occasion

boligrafos-lapiceros-kores-kpen-azul-negro-y-rojo-D_NQ_NP_862149-MLV31666161291_082019-F - copia.jpg
boligrafos-lapiceros-kores-kpen-azul-negro-y-rojo-D_NQ_NP_862149-MLV31666161291_082019-F - copia (2).jpg

See a bit of how the process went.

Imagen (2).jpg

Imagen (6).jpg


Imagen (7).jpg

You can also see them on Facebook

Has it been to your liking? I invite you to continue seeing excellent illustrations for InkTober in the profile of @OCD and @original.content.


And a special greeting to the communities of @discovery-it, @stellae, @c-sqared, @curie, and @helpie for the support provided.

Comuities (2).pngComuities (4).pngComuities (3).pngComunities (7).pngComuities (1).png
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