Making My Dad's Birthday Present

in art •  18 days ago

Drink Coasters for Dad's Birthday


Step 1

My first step was to mask off the back of the coasters using masking tape.


Step 2

Next I covered the surface with a layer of gesso.


Step 3

Since I want the coasters to show some negative space, I painted the background with a dark grey colour.


Step 4

When 'pouring' the paint, I used the 'ribbon pour' method.


Step 5

To ensure the coasters are water and heat resistant, I finished off with a clear coat of Epoxy Resin which also gives them a protective finish with a nice glossy look.


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Those are some really nice coasters :D. And it's extra sweet that you made it for your dad's birthday pressie, I bet he's over the moon.
Congrats for your first curie vote ^_^.


Thank you so much @scawly, I really appreciate your support. I was very nicely surprised when I logged in just now so thank you again for all you do here on Steemit :)

Happy new years :)

Those coasters turned out really good, would much prefer something like that over the boring heiniken ones I have atm.
Thanks for the @steeming-hot mention :D


Hey @thevillan thank you and you're welcome, of course... And if you let me know what colour scheme you have at the new house, I could make you a set if you like.

Hello, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Thank you @creativecrypto, I will be sure to check it out. Sounds like a great initiative since art on the blockchain is certainly a huge interest of mine too. Thank you again

That is lovely of you to be creating your gift to your dad instead of just buying from thrift shops. As they say, hand-made gifts are more valuable than those that were bought because it was made with love. 😊

The coasters turned out really good. I am sure your father will like them. May he have a blessed birthday and more years to count on.

May I ask how is 'ribbon pour' method done? I'm just thinking about trying it so I wanted to know... 😊


Thanks @macoolette I agree, hand-made gifts take a little more thought and we all want 'thoughtful' pressies. A ribbon pour is when you layer the paint in a cup (or vessel) and then pour it slowly over the canvas. The paint form ribbons of colour. It's a little hard to explain in a way that makes it easy to imagine but I will most likely post some videos showing the different methods so hopefully, they will make the process much clearer. Thanks for your comment.

This is a very lovely set of coasters for your dad I like how each coaster has a unique paint pattern on them. What a brilliant idea! And you introduced some new terms for me to go find out more - ribbon pour and gesso.


Thank you @marblely, that's lovely of you to say. Have you tried fluid painting aka pour painting? It is a very fun way to apply paint to canvas.

In time, I will try to post some more videos showing my paint mix and some different methods as it is a very easy technique to learn.


Thank you! I have not tried fluid painting actually but I can imagine the fun in creating art by pouring paint onto the canvas :) I tried blowing paint with straws last time and the effect is beautiful too. Yes yes, I would love to watch how you created your master pieces :) Happy weekend there!

So cool! I would love a set of these! I'd break them out when my friends come visit and we'll have card games and stuff, and everyone will be like WHOA WHERE DID YOU GET THESE COASTERS~ and I'd be like "you can't buy 'em off the shops, for sure!"


I hope your dad's birthday will be a joyful occasion !!!


Wow, thank you @veryspider, they certainly are one-of-a-kind and I'll definitely be making more of these, so if you were to let me know what colours you like... well, you just never know? Anyway, I'm always open to colour suggestions since it pushes me out of my (colour) comfort zone.

But thank you so much for your comment, it really means so much to me since your artwork was one of the first posts that caught my eye when I arrived at Steemit. I really love your style and you have on many occassions inspired me to turn off the computer and go do some art - XD

How nice to take something so plain and ordinary and make it special for your dad. I hope he liked his gift!


thank you @fitinfun, I've done many paintings however this is the first time I've used resin and that definitely was the icing on the cake which really made them pop.


I see that! I hope he loved his gift, and good for you to get out of your box like we all should do :)


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Happy Birthday to your dad! Your gift looks awesome and Im sure he'll love it!


Thank you so much @attoan.cmt that's lovely of you to say. He did love it too!

Normally he asks for lottery tickets but I think this was a better gift than just buying $50 worth of cardboard.

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