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The joy you feel when you do something nice for someone and it strums your heartstrings.

Drawing on the inside of the box is so much FUN.

Here is the progression of the piece and a short video talking about it.
Hero start with a simple drawing
Then add some blue when some 💧 of paint fall from my brush.
Being an admirer of perfection imperfections I let some more drops fall
Next I add some purple acrylic
Next it is time to grab the color pencils ✏️
Adding more layers
Starting to come to life
Here is a short video recorded with an iPhone 6plus just to date this with hardware.

I love this community and platform it inspires me to create more and I finally have a place to share my art.
Creativity flows in the waves of now
Allowistic Artist
Vincent Strader

Read my post on why I am all in as an artist and early adopter of technology here

I leave some insightful thoughts in the comments as I find this to be where the magic happens. The post is just the spark of conversation. I love to engage in comments so do stop by the Allowistic islands 🌴 your all invited.


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Hi @bitgeek wow that is so cool I am humbled that my play find the way to these eyeballs. I follow you for sharing the cool news.. upvote your reply. I too am an enthusiastic about Blockchain technology. I keep padding on this huge wave 🌊 to surf 🏄 all the way to the Allowistic islands 🌴
This is your official invite to the Allowistic islands 🌴 we can chill by the campfire and you can tell me all about your journey.

@ruthi66 Also check out this post I did on how to have unlimited art supplies

You are the one that sparks all the magic to me 💕

And you fan the flames of my desire. I love you 😘 @unityeagle

You’re so sweet feel so blessed to have you in my life

Without you, I am nothing. With you, I am something. Together we are Everything.

I’m smiling at your article on Bruce Lee

One of my favorites of his words is
Be like water.

You honor me with your words. Thank you. @smileplease

Thanks dear
Good luck for future

Nicely done. Do you still add a fixer at the end or it's as-is done and ready for display already?

Hi 👋 @p3paula I don’t use a fixer on these the stuff is pretty fixed already color pencils and acrylic are hard to get off. I may do a series with this idea and if I was planning on selling them I may try a fixer, most of the time I am just playing and just give them away. I wrote a blog post on how to have unlimited supplies

This is a painting on the inside of a cornflakes clerical box can’t take it too serious. I like to have fun that serious stuff is for grownups.

AH i see then~ thank you for this :)
yeah i re-read the post and realized that with your materials, fixing ain't really necessary.
Will check it out, thank you ^_^

Nice work~

Your art is the same style my daughter paints in How do I get her started .. I know its her passion where can I post some of her art on steem to encourage her??

Allowistic Artist says Power up your Steem!

Hi @ruthi66 I would love to see your daughters art. I would suggest setting up a steemit account for her and show her how to share her drawings and paintings then in no time she will be showing you how everything works. You can also start out making your own post on your blog to share her art. When you write a blogpost of her art mention me @allowisticartist in your post and I will come check it out and give you my upvote. I am following you.

THank you sorry for the delay in responding I couldnt log in for some reason. I will do that .

Wow, this is awesome. You’ve got some skills. Thanks for sharing, will look forward to your future posts.

Hello power of fire thanks for stopping by and dropping some words of appreciation. I finally find a new home to share my skills and teach others what I have learned.

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