Steem Visions: An Artist Discussion and Online Exhibit hosted with @stellabelle and @juliakponsford (Boston Meetup Saturday)

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I'm doing panel discussions weekly now. This Saturday is Steem Visions. We've been gathering up some hugely popular and talented Steem Artists. We'll talk to them about their work, how they work, and what it's like being an artist on Steem.


I count my blessings in the form of some amazingly talented cohosts! @stellabelle, the lady behind Slothicorn is going to be helping to bring these artists to life and ask them questions about their experience, process, vision, and message.

I'm also joined by Minnow Support Project Sr. Moderator, JuJu Gum Conspiracy co-creator, and all around art talent @juliakponsford!




Show starts this Saturday, March 3rd at 11am EST (1600 UTC).
This is a highly visual experience and you're encourged to join the screen share and audio at

We'll be live chatting in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Discord Channel. We're just shy of 15,000 Steemians now in the server. You'll be in good company.

If you're going to be on the show please get there early. I start DJing around 10:30am EST. That gives you time to audio check. You'll want a working mic, speakers, and have some work ready to display through links or files.

Other Saturday Events

March 10th with be Sounds of Steem with @isaria
March 17th is unknown at this time
March 24th is Meet your Moderator, a roundtable with MSP mods and witnesses cohosted with Mistress of Questions @kubbyelizabeth
March 31st is the end of month Witness Panel Discussion


I'm hosting another Steem meetup in Boston this weekend. Event starts at 2pm on Saturday. Everything is on Beacon st. in Brookline. Sushi and some board games. Should be a good time. Here are the details.


Steemit is a unique platform, and it's attractive as compared to other sites/ businesses over there because you earn free crypto rewards. These type of meetups are great to spread awareness about Steemit.

Hope you have a great time with your meetup!

This kind of initiative which will have a panel discussion weekly will somehow give a great impact in steemit world. I do believe steemit is a sleeping giant in cryptoworld and is ready to explode anytime soon due to its uniqueness of its platform and very easy to invite people to join the community of steemians :)

I agree with your reply.. Steemit is cool , but I do think we will see other sites like steemit sooner or later.. I say the more the better.. only the strong will survie

Only those with flood and strong mindset shall thrive in hard times

What do we all think about

You have a point there.

i agree

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Thank you for the update. I can't begin to say how much I appreciate seeing, and how much I would urge you to continue, being transparent with the community like you are in this post. It's such a unique experience, for everyone, to be the co-owners and co-creators of a community project liek STEEM. We all want it to be the best that it can be and we are all incentivized to contribute where we can. So please keep on giving people the feeling that they are on your team and with you on this crazy ride in this new blue ocean we call

Cool Initiative. Please do Check of BeAwesome Channel as well

I totally agree. I'm new to steemit and still trying to navigate how to work it but I love all the good material that I see, and there are some good writers and good content on stem.

What about creating a smart media token for panel debates?

good work

Super excited to be a part of this and share the amazing things happening through the Collaborative Art Journey and this artists community as a whole. I feel our dearest @opheliafu would be a great addition to this show---we all know she's really got it going on!!!

See you on Saturday!! Thanks for the invitation and for sharing the greatness happening in the arts here on Steemit. I appreciate you @aggroed

So awesome! I was so happy to see this post, and I look forward to seeing the follow up posts for it! @everlove, you are beauty personified! So much love for you!

I would also like to add a brilliant artist from the community- @nonameslefttouse, definitely has it going on :)
I will be checking up on everyone this weekend, have fun, I know you will!

@nonamesleftouse is an incredible artist. I could actually go on and on and on about all the amazing creators there are here on Steemit. We are in good company for certain!

I hope to be sharing time with you this weekend @dreemit. I'm always blessed to connect with you.

u seem to be quite famous... have seen u helping the minnows as well...great stuff @everlove

I love to help anyone in any way I can. I seem to be playing mostly an inspiration and consulting role, especially with minnows. We can all use support. I'm grateful for the opportunity to help.

gracias por informarnos de esa grandece de los artista en steemit estaremos apoyandolos

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I agree with @everlove :)

I'm just seeing this now, I invited opheliafu but unfortunately she was unable to attend, perhaps next time :)

AWESOME! I'm not really surprised you thought of her---she's a hard core original Steemian that's hard to miss. Thanks for all you do @juliakponsford. That was a real treat and such a refreshing way to connect us to each other. Blessings to you <3

You and Stella Belle. I will be there to listen. Might I suggest next time you do some form of artist showcase that you attempt to get the user jankasparec on to talk. His art is some of the most amazing stuff I have ever seen. He appears to care about this platform and this crypto revolution and it would be cool to hear what he says.

Thanks Aggroed, you are appreciated!

Have them reach out to @juliakponsford

I will leave him a comment and let him know.

When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol

LOL. better double check that wallet quick :p

I'm on it lol :P

This again?

This is an excellent initiative dear friend @aggroed, I think that art has taken a large space within our platform, I think it is missing the invitation to a great artist @opheliafu.
Apparently your agenda looks very hectic
congratulations for these great initiative
Have a great day

I'm open to other artists. If they are free have them pop in!

I'd be down to participate. I tuned in for part of last weeks orientation & town hall.

This is very cool @aggroed! Having the artists speak is a great idea, giving them a voice on the platform now this I can roll with 100 percent.

Resteemed* :)

gracias por informarnos de esa grandece de los artista en steemit estaremos apoyandolos

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yay this sounds awesome!!! some of my most favoritist artists and peeps!!

My vision is that it will rock further

This looks brilliant :-)

Very cool project for many artists to be involved in, I wish you much luck .

¿Que sería lo necesario para ser invitado?

I better not miss out on this one coming saturday. Seems like some top people are gonna be representing sharing their views and support. I will most certainly participate. Thanks for this information.

Good Luck on Boston party.

Thanks Hope all is well.for posting.

if i join with there...i feel proud....i am also a small artist

I'm currently doing an Art Foundation course in the UK and would love to showcase my work and upcoming exhibition to the wider steemit community but would need a whale's generous help. I could really see this platform being an amazing chance for artists to get recognition for their works when they perhaps wouldnt in this big old world WHILST getting financial reimbursement for their efforts : beautiful

Thnx for sharing....its realy nice post...l like that

Hi @aggroed, I have a stupid question. How do I join the peace love abundance discord channel? Do you need an invite link? the link provided is broken.

well, alright then. I'll tune in later today I guess then...

Sounds great but what kind of popcorn should I choose?
Kettle corn, movie theater or cajun-spiced to pair with this event?

I am new to steemit and still trying to navigate how it works but I love all the good stuff I see, and there are some good writers and nice content on the stalk

it is very touched to us hopefully we can post nice

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i have never seen like this text. İ like and thanks for writing.

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@aggroed hey you shared such a beautiful post. Its really good.

Thank you for this nice information.

Awesome post! I will attend the meetup in boston and keep spreading positivity! Peace and love

It's amazing things or activities that are very positive hope you never get bored to do activities - activities that are positive in the environment @steemania and also hopefully will help us who are still weak - this weak.
Thank you I @leozulkifli.

nice post and i like this. Very attractive plan and event . I believe that event days would be great.

That will be amazing, steem network is set to disrupt social media

“There's a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free. Don't miss so many of them.” images.jpg

Wow! It's really great! If you hold it in New York, please let me know!!

the work is beautiful and very professioanl, im glad for that sucess , could you tell me the secret of all thoese upvots thats really impressive , im having a hard start i need some encouragment and i belive in this beautiful community

very good publication friend, you are an artist, I love it!

Nice post..i now follow you! keep posting valuable content=)

Thank you for being a lover to us about the greatness of the artists in our steemit will support them

It will b helpful. Thanks a lot.keep this good work up. @aggroed

This is great! I wish this could be done with writers nd poets will be amazing to get to hear from them

That's not a bad idea. Maybe Rho and Gmuxx will do one with me.

how about gmuxx and someone from either isle of write or outside of writers block? there are plenty of extremely talented writers and poets who dont belong to a writing server, and reaching out to these people might get them more interested in participating.

I would really be anticipating whatever you come up with

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Super eager to be a piece of this and offer the astonishing things occurring through the Collaborative Art Journey and this craftsmen group in general. I feel our dearest @opheliafu would be an incredible expansion to this show - we as a whole know she's truly made them go on. gracias por informarnos de esa grandece de los artista en steemit estaremos apoyandolos

Am newbie here, hope am welcome, I like this post and I wil" like something like this in my area too

I upvoted because I want a little support of upvotes from you

This is very cool @aggroed!
you are good one

Great article and amazing artists! Thanks for sharing! Resteemed ;)

I agree with u.Steemit is very importent of the online ecommerce level.Thank you!

Steem is for me - limitless cash!

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Wow sounds really great. Thanks for sharing this information. I will be one to join this saturday. Don't wonna miss this.

This is an art to show your vision, sharing how deep you see the cats and their natural laziness which makes me smile? thanks and this post very nice..and great photography...i appreciate your contest..carry on my friend!!!!!!!!!! @aggroed

This art amazing
So nice @aggroed
Thanks your appreciated

steemit green eyes at steemit

So exciting! How do artists enter into future events like this?

nice post you friends

nice post you friends

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hola soy nuevo ayudenme a subir de nivel

this is so great! an enriching and informative experience

wow nice photography ,really great art, share the amazing things happening through the Collaborative Art Journey and this artists community as a whole.superb,,,,,

This sounds so awesome! Totally wish I could attend somethig like this in the future. Wishing and praying for more than a success!..😄

Ps. Sushi and boardgames? You just described my heaven 😂

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@isaria @juliakponsford

Excuse me for bothering you but you have the opportunity to do good.

Congratulations for your success, you have that deserved you !!

I'm sure you have a big heart my steemian friends!

Help us please !

Thank you for that's premiers donations, resteem, voted.
Thanks for them!

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great idea @aggroed
I am excited :D


Good...i like...

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Thank You! ⚜

thank you so much for this guys , the guest list is ... uff, I am named among my favorite artists here it is a big honor, and I am so excited to connect with them more in open discussion :)

Oh awesome! I hope there are panels with authors and screenwriters one day. Really cool idea

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