The MASTERPIECE I enjoyed seeing & which amazed me too!!-Made by my Dr.Uncle

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Yesterday, I traveled to Jaipur regarding some work and went to stay at my Uncle's place.He is a Doctor, Specialist in his field. He is really a man who you would admire after seeing, he is too busy as you know Dr.'s life is like that.He has hobbies like reading, cooking, playing instruments & Painting etc.There are a lot of things he does even when he is so busy.Yesterday, before going to the hospital he was playing flute in his free time & a bit of Piano too. After that, he went to hospital and then I was roaming around the house and get to see these things-

Sorry Didn't have the best quality due to lack of Good phone camera!!



2.Ancient kind of food arrangement!!


3.Hard Workers of Village


4.In past, Indian women's have to travel long for getting the water from wells.


Well, These are only a few of his masterpiece which I was able to capture the house was full of it!!He is never interested in selling them as maybe he has an attachment to them.He is actually on to something more, maybe, I will be able to share that things with soon as I will go there soon again!!

The captions are my thinking of what the painting resembles.If you think anything else You can Write in Comments!!let me know !!

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Full on !!

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