ArtVenture Contest: Pastel drawing of Doctor Strange

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Hi Steemit!

I come back today with a new drawing, for the ArtVenture contest.

When i heard about the theme, I've been thinking about what hero to do. First, i've been thinking about Iron-man, who is a character that i love a lot (and also i like Robert Downey Jr) but i wanted a hero we talk about a little less. I've thinked about Doctor Strange. In the Marvel Universe, i think it is a very interesting character. I loved the film and i found interesting the evolution of the character through it.
I also love the actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, i find him very talented and charmismatic.

Next, when i found the Hero, I needed to find the technique I wanted to use. First, i think about a black-and-white drawing, but i thought that a color drawing will be more eye-catching, but also more difficult.
I had difficulties to find a good photo. The best framing, the most beautiful portrait of him,...

But I finally opted for this one, allowing to highlight its power, and to give a touch of originality to the portrait. And, as you will see later, it also allowed me to be able to slip in a little surprise;)

Now, let's check the step-by-step process.


I begin by doing a sketch, nothing particular and impressive. :p


Then, i wanted to start with the background, until I realized that doing the right part of the background would dirty my drawing when I did the left part :p


Now, first layer of colors in the face, to then place all the details.






Then, i had to think about the magic circle. It was really the most difficult part. It is very difficult to reproduce a very luminous effect with pastels. I wanted a sleek and bright texture, but i definitely had a pastel texture ahaha.
Also, my pastels pencils was not enough pigmented to create a light layer over the drawing already made, so i had to use my chalk pastels. But it was very difficult to do precises things with it.
Finally, I had to create perfect circles. The solution i find was to cut out circles created with a compass from a separate sheet, and then follow the outline with my chalk.


Have you seen the surprise ?! :D
I thought that it can be a very good idea to draw the steem(it) logo on the magic circle.
Yeah, here, we are not in the Marvel universe, but in the Magic Steem Universe! :D

I hope you will like it. :)

See you soon for others creations on Steemit! :)

Have a good day!

Model source :


Your work is excellent, you have a good management of the technique, it is a very beautiful and first-line piece, you are very good in art, fellows.

Thank you so much!

OMG!!! Damn!! This is exceptional. Super excellent art piece. Great effort @pipoune. This is an amazing work here.

Thank you so much!!

Waoo your painting is really beautiful, the technique is impressive, God bless your talent.

Thank you!! :)

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Dr Strange is one of my favourite characters and you did him great honor with your amazing artwork:) I remember the photo but your version creates a soft effect that really makes it unique:)

Thank you!! :)

Beautiful pastel work, As always you paid a lot of attention to details, that makes your Artwork unique :)

Thank you!! :)

Of all the Marvel characters, he is my second favorite, the first is Spidermam haha, I loved how it looked, congratulations!

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Cool detail, the Steemit symbol in the magic ring.
Great drawing. My daughter is a big fan of the Marvel heroes and hse has drawn all of them. She did a special one of Dr Strange using color pencils.
Your drawing is neat and perfectly excecuted. It looks like oil painting.

Thank you!! :)

omg that is an amazing painting.. well done

Thanks!! :D

WOW! Great work with pastels! I always disliked them as they wouldn't leave the right pattern. But I see that it works for you so apparently the problem was not in the pencil but in me :D I love how you did his face, wrinkles and hair. It looks amazing! And I also like the golden circle with steemit logo in it :) Well done!

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

Thank you! :D
The quality of materials can really makes difference. I think i will make an article about it.
I use Faber-Castell pastels pencil, and, more important, the Pastelmat paper by Clairefontaine. Is it a very good paper. I think it's the think who really make the difference, I probably wouldn't be able to get this result with a lower-end paper.
Have a lovely day too friend!! :)

Amazing! This is the best I can imagine! Good luck in the contest, @pipoune!

Thank you!! :)

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