ArtVenture Contest: Tsunami in the world Step by step + (Original GIF)

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Tsunamis Stronger.

tsunami gif final.gif

Global warming can make tsunamis stronger, they also increase the frequency in which they occur. Scientists say that climate change can cause a rise of 30 cm in sea level can add great danger to the forces of these tsunamis. At the current sea level, an earthquake may reach beyond a magnitude of 8.8 to cause widespread flooding by tsunamis. Climate change is a very important factor, that the smaller Tsunamis in the future will be terribly big giants. We must take measures to take care of our environment, to slow the pace of global warming.

I leave you an animation of how destructive TSUNAMI can be.

The power of the TSUNAMI. "OH Noooo run run :(









Thankful always with @ocd, @c-squared, @helpie @curie for your support!!

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love it! by casting the shadow of the incoming tsunami into the structures and environment makes it all the more realistic! keep it up buddy!

THANK YOU, I’m glad you like this great animation work, it was very interesting to capture the power of the tsunami

congrats for the curie vote by the way! looking forward to your future posts man! :)

Of course. jesusmedit style animation always available <3


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beautiful cake thank you for sharing it with me a hug @helpie <3

Hi jesusmedit,

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What a surprise thanks for supporting my humble gif <3. greetings @curie. <3

I like your GIF. I don't like the reality of it but your GIF is great :) We should indeed take greater care of environment if we don't want to regret it in near future.

Thank you for bringing such an important topic. Have a good day!

ehy dear @jesusmedit, you have made a wonderful gif image and you have given a great message above all, I can only give you right. The man does not want to understand that he must change his attitude towards the planet, but one day that giant wave will come and then we only hope that there is another noah to help the human species with his ark! congratulation

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You're always on my mind , thanks c-squared i love you <3

I do not know why, but I love with all my being what this topic is, I find the factors involved in global warming very interesting, it makes me want to study and find solutions. It is a super mega alarming issue what is happening with the planet Earth, we must be more aware or we will see terrible consequences ...

Thank you @jesusmedit for submission, this is something we really see recently in the world, nice animation :)

Very creative and effective animation. It would have been neat to leave the area covered by water for a while, if only for dramtic effects.
It amazes me that even today, with so much evidence of the damage humanity has done to the environment, so many people reject climate change as a man-made thing and insist that it has always been like this and therefore we'll be fine no matter how much we polute.
I guess humans need to hit the wall head-on to believe there is a wall ahead.

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Muy buena animación chuchu sigue así!!!