Art-Venture Magazine No.147

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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,









This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art on Steem.


Welcome to our Saturday selection and we glad to share the works of new and old friends of @art-venture. Looking through your posts and reading what made this or another Artist to do his/her work is something that makes final decision why we want to share it.

Also it is nice to see that many different people no matter if they really artists or just someone who like to draw and paint decided to show it in their post that makes us to feel proud of this Steemit community that offered those people a place for display of their works and to present themselves.

Being an active member for almost 2 years we see people coming and going but there is always few who even in difficult time of low price of Steem and of new changes in the internal rules of posting and curation that may come with new implementation of HR21. but will stay there and keep working.

Those people keep the platform at live and we really appreciate your input and happy to support with our 100% upvote.


Wishing you nice weekend :)



Today's selected Artists

Destrucción | Hablemos de tristezas | / Destruction | Let's talk about sadness | - by @connor-russo



CUADRO #17 de Ivan Cañas - by @ivancanas



Drawing Keerstin arden, instagram girl - Portrait. - by @gooze



The girl is strict to the world with sadness in her eyes. Original drawing and little bit art... - by @romanskv



El hombre y águila de la revelacion:Reflexión Paso a paso + Animacion Gif - by @jesusmedit



Old Sketches - by @hiddenblade



Girl with blue eyes. - by @francisftlp



Pencil drawing Of Dr. Ubong Jumbo - by @unyimeetuk



Queen Nefertiti in the grisaille technique - by @astraeir



Mickey (cat's pastel portret) - by @daring-celt






What meant by traditional Art:

  • Pencil drawing, watercolor, acrylic-oil painting , pastel
  • Always with a step-by-step process
  • Art works should be submitted under tag: “art-venture”
  • Sorry No digital-art !
  • Every second day curation of 10 posts with 100%
  • A day after curation for re-charging the power


our Supporters



Your contribution would greatly appreciated,Sincerely,
@stef1 and @myskye

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Big congratulations to those who made the list.
Weldone @art-venture

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Thank you for visiting our blog and also I thought this link maybe interesting for you @mrme1984 gives daily upvote for user, just simply need to attach the link in his comments for appropriate day :)

Thank you for the suggestion. Will check it out now.

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Thanks for selecting my piece. <3

You are very welcome, also just in you are interested in more support look in the post of:

Wow talent to spare, beautiful all the pieces.

Thank you for your nice words :)

Thanks for great support!

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thank you so much for featuring me and congratulations to other selected artists. I really appreciate this

These are beautiful creations @art-venture and they are done by so talented artists :D

Hello, thank you very much for selecting me, and thank you for supporting those great artists who are hidden, hehehe have a good eye to find them as always.
Keep growing, my most sincere wishes for you!

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