ARK is more than Just Cryptocurrency

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ARK, the new cryptocurrency platform offers something different for people of the world. The developer does not want their cryptocurrency to be similar with others, which only bring in big money with the fancy blockchain technologies. The team wants cryptocurrency to be the real instrument for both on-chain and off-chain transactions and become the real power in the economy, which controlled by people

With their vision, they make ARK to be more than just cryptocurrency; they make it as an ecosystem where highly secure core blockchain lives with integrated decentralized technologies and system that will make blockchain technology adaption possible as a whole. They plan to make blockchain technologies easy to access by consumers by developing consumer websites, products, and physical distribution networks.

The ARK ecosystem consists of all the things they need to make the vision come true. The first is a community of talented people with diverse skills and capabilities. The second is underlying secure token. The third is SmartBridge to bridge blockchains. The fourth is security as the major point to fulfill the high standards of secure environment. The firth is privacy with anonymization services as optional for ARK users. The sixth is self-sustaining system that will make the blockchain technology easy to access, even when consumers do not know they use it.

In their way to reach the objective, ARK launched ARK Token Exchange Campaign (ARK-TEC) that is the first step on their two-year project in preparing their cryptocurrency ecosystem. ARK-TEC is mean to collect funding for their project with threshold of 2000BTC.

The direct token exchange methods collected for the ARK-TEC are only available for Bitcoin, Lisk, and Ethereum. For other cryptocurrencies, they need to be exchanged into BTC, Lisk, or Ethereum first via Shapeshift integration. BTC and Ethereum have no maximum valuation for the collection while Lisk is set for the maximum of 22 millions.

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