Karnobat Skyline - Hometown Rooftops and Skies

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Greetings, travellers and other people just roaming the Earth!

Many roads go out and sometimes some of them would lead back home. I'm going to take you with me on a winter visit to the town where I was born and where I lived during the first eighteen years of my life.

A winter almost without snow there last December. And none at all during my stay through the Christmas holiday.

I am not going to show much of the usual scenery, though. It is not a place that would attract regular tourists unless they are into wine and other home brewed alcohol. I decided to focus on a few details, a few things that I grew accustomed to and forgot about but now when I return with a different eyes I find interesting. To the outside visitor who would... you know... notice things. Other than that clock tower.


So our walk will be about the stacks of rooftops, the unpredictable skyline and the chimneys, smoke and winter smoky skies reflecting light in a warm way, going through a quite solid red to match the bricks and some of the roof tiles. That is... if they were not underexposed so that you can see the skies better.

Alright, let's start with foregrounds that still have their colors on...

On a street up the hill, almost in the woods.

Cables crisscrossing - lots of those to see.

I know you all recognize a brick wall when you see one but... this is something more - a brick wall with some shadow upon.

I think before I get you deeper into the evening I will invite you to return to the light of day and some more details on low roofs. Those can be seen from the streets. The are a lot of one-storey houses. Some of them even dug in yards that go below street level - a curious utilization of space I remember from my early childhood but haven't thought of since.



High quality at low price only 50 meters from us! I should have had my haircut.

Old school solar boilers. I saw so many of those...

My favorite Karnobat type of window designs.

What I call The Chimney Folk. You might spot some more of their silhouettes later.


Our local type of small crows, I think Jackdaws in English.




I like the sheer quantity of those birds and their croaking choirs that mostly perform at dusk. They give me an atmosphere of familiarity and, strangely, comfort. I know lots of people don't like them. The crow kin are all usually out of the cuteness charts.

Well... tough luck. I was home and working on some fresh pictures one afternoon, maybe the one before or after Christmas Eve, when some awesome sunlight lit the walls of the houses outside my window. I grabbed my stuff and went out, looking for a high vantage point and some nicely colored rooftops. The light changed at first and decided to go dull...


But you know what's very important for photographers (also warriors, children, investors and perhaps humans in general)?


Don't be a pigeon!







And after a while... and just for a short while... things explode. I mean sunsets, clouds and colors. Hands start to freeze because I did not warn you to get gloves. Because I forgot. Really. Also, the day seemed warmer.

But the views are bright above the foreground and they pull us after them.

Let's chase the sunset across the upper streets!






And suddenly it's dark already. Short days, what can you do...


Time to tell you good night. Because we have a sunrise to catch on the morrow.

So sleep well, rest and regain energy for a lot of action this year!


Manol from Karnobat


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Thanks a lot!

I love the colors of the sky and gorgeous photos you have there. The solar boilers? Is it a common heating device there for hot water?



Solar boilers are just auxiliary and just working part of the summer, actually. People have their electric boilers.

Wow, those are some awesome pictures and the sunset is amazing! Thanks for sharing! I think you capture the heart of the town very well. I like the windmills in the background on the second to last shot.

Thank you for showing us your hometown.
You just gotta love nature, they always surprise you! Great photos!


Thanks! I thought it was time to put it on the map.


That is wise of you.

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Thanks for your appreciation and support!

It is beautiful to watch this place from a local's point of view, there's a feeling of familiarity and closeness. I like that you lent us your "eyes" so we can see a more personal aspect of this place.
Congrats for your curie vote, Manol :D.


Thank you!

Well, I live somewhere else now and I only return for holidays and such... I wonder if people living there can actually see the same things. I'm also thinking about an exhibition there with something out of those series... Needs some more work but I think some of the photos will be worth it.

I like pictures like that. they are telling a story about the town. I prefer it so much over the "usual" way one sees photos of towns. Thank you so much for showing us your hometown!


Thank you! Always learning to do that. I am looking for a way to make it interesting for even people who live there. The New Perspectives, right?

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Great post, @manoldonchev. You had two studies here, so thanks for the "doubleheader". Not every day can we enjoy places as far apart from our surroundings.

Except for sports events, especially during the olympics, we don't get many references from Bulgaria, so thanks for sharing those beautiful images from your town.

I loved the one of the birds with the glowing wings.

You did a great job capturing the progressive changes of hue in that sky. I guess every person will say that their place's sunset is the best in the world, but what I find fascinating is how many different gradations of allegedly the same colors we get in different latitudes.

It was a real pleasure checking this post.
Happy New Year.


Happy New Year to you as well and thank you for your words!

Interesting thing is, I give credit for those colors to the fine particles thrown at the sky by our chimneys. Same as volcanoes warm up the sunsets but on a smaller scale.


Ha! Fascinating. Nature finds the oddest ways to turn our messes into beauty

often wandering around one of the oldest districts in my city, I am focused on the tight gaps between houses and jungle of different rooftops or architectural improvisations. Somehow I consider this layered construction fascinating but everytime when I'm trying to capture this moment, I am getting crappy photo of nothing. It is a great point for a photographer to capture a moment and a story behind it. On some photographs represented by you, I can see it :)
Great job @manoldonchev !


Thank you! Exactly the what you called Architectural improvisations!

I would still like to see whatever pictures you took.


unfortunately most of them left my pc after a discussion with undefeated shft+del.

I have few shots from my last walk in the fog around the old district, I will check if I have something related with your post and if yes, then I will publish it here soon. today or tomorrow


Nice. Which city would that be?


I was talking about Old Charlois district in Rotterdam. I couldn't find too much pictures of the mysterious gaps between buildings, rooftops and dead ends but I feel that they are somehow related with your art :)








could you please share some opinions about these photos ? I am thinking about creating an article with my photos here on Steemit, but from the other side, I'm not sure if its not too amateur.


Well, by all means do that. Photography is also a language and it's most important if you have something to say. So your photos also tell a story, they also bring a feel about the place. I begin to learn that blogging stories are not about the quality of the image but the quality of your own view.

Maybe I wouldn't end on the last one of that series since it talks of emptiness but that also depends on your goals.

Thanks for sharing!

Fantastic post! You have a lot of great pictures here. So many awesome textures on those roofs and the buildings in general

Thanks for letting us get a look at your hometown.