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This is the last week to get an entry in if you have not done so in the previous week one post.With December being a very hectic and even stressful month for many out there we wanted to give you an excess to go out and have some fun gaming. As such this contests theme is Game You Played Over The Weekend (or even during the week).



You could create your entry about the game you played over the weekend in a few different formats. The idea is just to have some fun while still giving yourself the opportunity to create content and remain active on Steemit.

It could be in the form of:

  • A song
  • A written poem
  • A written story
  • Artwork you have created
  • First impression
  • Guide
  • Playthrough
  • Review
  • Tips and Tricks

Requirements To Enter


  • Your entry must be a post that you link in the comment section below or in previous week one post.

  • Use #archdruidcontest as one of the tags. The rest is up to you to choose. Here are a couple example tags you could use: gaming, game, story, writing, song, poem, genre of the game you played (i.e rpg, mmorpg, fps, battleroyale, ccg) and contest to name a few.

  • No repost of old content from on or off Steemit.

  • Only one entry per person.

  • No plagiarism and please cite sources if applicable.

No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow Required!

What We Look For


Judging will be based on but not limited to the following: quality, effort, fun factor, detail, and uniqueness.



  • First place: 21.804 Steem
  • Second place: 12 Steem
  • Third place: 8 Steem

Thank you to our sponsor @Curie

Prizes will be paid out a couple of days after the contest closes depending on how many entries we have received.

Contest Close


  • All entries must be submitted to the comment section of this post or the previous week one post. This contest is open for one more week. It will close on Monday, December the 17th at 5 PM Eastern Time (UTC -05:00).


Written by @Enjar on behalf of @Archdruid Gaming.

The cover image was created by @Yosuandoni. Screenshots were taken from a game called Old School RuneScape by @Enjar.

Are you a gamer who produces outstanding gaming content here on Steemit? Come to check out Archdruid Gaming on discord: https://discord.gg/nAUkxws. We are always looking for new and old amazing authors.

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Hello @enjar I'm back. here my entry for the final contest of this year. It took me more than usual to finish it, but here it is.


  ·  last year (edited)

Now I have screenshots from two different games on two different computers! I'm going to have to get serious to finish this up!


I finally sat down and made this post!

Thank you for the motivation! Good luck to all entrants!

The contest Game You Played Over The Weekend is now closed. Not accepting any more entries.