The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild | How 100% This Game Has Taken Most of my Weekends

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Hi there peeps! It's Volderhein again with another rushed last hour entry to one of @archdruid's contest, Yay! At this point i'm sure @enjar holds some resentment towards me for always leaving these entries till the last hour of the contest, BUT IN MY DEFENSE, I DIDN'T PROCRASTINATE THIS TIME, I legit forgot. So, without much else to say, i'll start now.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Oh how I love you so, so much.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the newest take on the acclaimed Zelda series by Nintendo. This game focuses waaaay more on exploration, environment and giving a sense of immersion no Zelda has ever reached before. Like the title of the game says, it feels like a breath of fresh air, a breath of nature and open world that the developers seemed was fitting for this series. But bringing Zelda to this colossal scale of an open world and specifically bigger than Skyrim, brings some thought on how some things will translate to this new formula... Especially when it comes to 100% it.

My weekend

I've come to that part of the game where you've already finished the main story and you're just roaming seamlessly on the setting of the game because you enjoy being there, it brings you joy to play around, and mess with the engine overall. I decided that the game wasn't that big or very difficult in terms of actually 100% it so I embarked on the idea of actually doing it.

At this point i'm looking to mainly finish all of the available shrines (Mini Dungeons that contain puzzles) that the game has. I'm at a shockingly close number of 116 shrines completed out of 120 in total. But I've just spent so muuuuuch time of my weekend looking for those missing 5 that it looks like it was months ago since I finished the story mode (Some months have passed but I don't play everyday, lol.) So 100%ing the game is not that close nor far out of my reach at this point I've gotten to, but you guys might be wondering... What does it really mean to hundred percent Breath of the Wild?

Defining 100%

This part of the game can be shortened with one sentence: "Explore the new Hyrule untill your thumb fades from holding the stick forward." Because there's really a TON of things to explore, visit and overall do.

The game is a little bit more organized this time and actually tells you how much Main Quests, Side Quests and Shrine Quest it has, giving a controlled and minimalist vibe inside the gigantic scale of the game.

I've focused mainly on finishing the 120 shrine the game offers, since when you complete them all, you get the Tunic of the Wild,, which is the only original green tunic you can get in the game without counting amiibo and other mumbo jumbo like that. So that's why I focused mainly on that. but there are a total of 20 Main Missions, 42 Shrine Quests, 90 Side Quests and a total of 18 Fragments of Link's Memories scattered through the map.

There's also a stupid Sidequest/ Event that requires you to do about 900 mini puzzles and obtain "Korok seeds" scattered RANDOMLY THROUGH THE WHOLE MAP, but given the length and complexity of it, i'm completely avoiding it.

How much % Do I got?

As of now... I really don't know but as an estimate I'll say i'm almost 80% done with the game if we take everything into account.

I have done 19 out of the 20 Main Quests, but the last one is never counted since the game brings you back to a previous save file once you finished the game, so let's say 20 in total.

I have 39 out of 42 Shrine quests done. That means that i'm still missing 3 shrines attached to quests but there's still 1 shrine in the wild I haven't found yet. (AND IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY)

I have 76 out of 90 Side Quests. These are attached to characters or certain places but they're place specific and rather hard to find unless you're always exploring.

I have 18 out of 18 Scattered Fragments of Link's Memories recovered, 100% completed. These are the most fun out of to find since they give the player key moments of what happened a 100 years ago before.... Hyrule got destroyed, y'know, It's not a spoiler I swear!


So yeah, that's where i'm at with the game in terms of finishing it with a whopping 100%. It hasn't been easy but it also hasn't been frustrating. It's been a ride, a ride I've enjoyed so much that i'm willing to go to the next level and actually complete the game again in Master Mode, giving the game another layer of complexity plus difficulty!

I hope you guys enjoyed it but it's time to close it up!

But first! Have you taken the time to finish a game and then 100% it? Which game has it been? Has it been a chore or are you a full fledged completionist and you love to 100% all of the games you play? Let me know down in the comments and don't forget to leave an upvote for making it this far!



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