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Hello steemian from the archdruid community. A new opportunity to participate in a contest and I will not let pass to share with you why "Bust a Groove 1 & 2" of PlayStation 1 is my videogame of the weekends ... Let's a Groove.

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What you need to know first


Frida , Hero and Strike. Characters of the game. Source

The first thing you have to know about is the original name is "Bust a Move". It is a game that was originally released in Japan. When it was released in the West, the name was changed to "Bust a Groove". The game was released for the Sony PlayStation in 1998.

It is a fight and dance game. As you read it, the game featured a variety of characters with dance skills and powers. Each one had a story to tell through their steps (or at least that's how I saw it). Now you will know why I liked it and even in 2018 I still like it and played.


Kitty-N Vs Frida - This is the stage of Frida, she live in the beach and if you are a really good dancer a hurricane blow the house just because you have great movements. Source

Skillful fingers

When you are a beginner in video games and you are a child. The technique of "give all the buttons" really works... but with this game NO. If you don't acquire motor skills in your fingers, you will never be able to advance from the first level. And that is the main difficulty of "Bust a Groove" the commands that you must press to make each character dance. We are talking about a dance video game, what do you think happens if you don't dance?

Don't worry, there is an option to practice and learn to play. The secret is to follow the rhythm. The game has a repertoire of songs, each character has its own stage with different songs. You have the slow rhythm and the accelerated rhythm. Do not trust,the slow music does not mean it is easy, and fast is not exactly difficult, everything is in the fingers and how good you follow the beat.


In Bust a groove 1. To know when you are wining tha cam focus on your character...He is Heat, for me is the main character of the game. Source Gif

The good thing about developing the skill with your fingers in this videogame will be later you can be the best in any other game, especially in the arcade fights, trust me you will be the best. Unfortunately most of the current games don't need to use many buttons, everything was solved with the use of the joystick. However, bragging about your skills is always fun.

Tips to be the best dancer.

I really love Kitty-N is one of my favorite characters. Is sexy and she know how to move that body, also the song of her stage is the best in both version of the game.Source Gif

At the beginning it is very complicated to keep up with the music, unless you have prodigious ears, which would be a great advantage to start with this game. But if you're like me, I'm almost deaf LOL .. the best you can do is the following: count to four. As you read it, the secret is to count to number four. At the beginning it's complicated because you have to adjust the count to the speed of each song, but trust me you will achieve it and with practice you will stop using this method and you become an expert.

To improve with your fingers what you have to do is exercises with your left hand, try to press commands repeatedly and in a short time you will see an improvement, using the tool of the game to practice can be of great help.

In the helicopter the character Bi-o . and the robot is the penultimate Boss of part 2. in part 1 is the final boss. His name is Robot-Z... this gif is from Bust A Groove 2. The commands of each dance are more difficult.Source Gif

Let's Dance


The artwork for the characters of Bust a Groove 2.Source

Bust A Groove has a very linear game method. This game is the best for entertaining with friends, playing in battles or enjoying the soundtrack ... Or if you just want to have your fingers exercised

The next level is when you start playing Bust A Groove 2. You will notice the changes, there are new scenarios, new characters, alternative costumes. A skill calculation method by score which makes more exciting to face another player.


This is a screenshot from a YouTube Channel.

without a doubt the main challenge is to reach the stage of Pander. Not just for his creepy appearance, also because its stage is the fastest and with very psychedelic images that can cause you convulsions. (I'm exaggerating, but I don't doubt that it can happen). And is the final boss , but you need to dance so well to get there....

and that's why....

Bust A Groove or Bust a Move, whatever you want to call it is my favorite game to play over the weekend.of course I rather the 2... Go ahead and try one day. If you play with a millennial definitely you gonna win.

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