These scenes show that the world is not okay /هذه المشاهد تدل على ان العالم ليس بخير

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Poverty is not a fault, my friend
Poverty is a school that brought out men and women who can not take them out, and if you pay the land full of gold, you have a good example in your predecessor.



Poverty, my friend, makes you realize the amount of blessings that people enjoy and not aware of their price, but the poor or the bad man, what they are like the blessing of health, which is a crown on the heads of the healthy not seen only the old.

The past time does not remember who wears precious clothes, but who works with the aim of valuable ideas.

Poverty is the loss of hope The loss of Basma Baaljammal The loss of humanity All of us sons of Adam God grant mercy to every poor person and his livelihood in terms of not counted in that day.


الفقر ليس عيبا يا صديقي
الفقر مدرسة أخرجت رجالا و سيدات لا يمكنها اخراجهم و لو دفعت ملء الارض ذهبا و لك في سلفك خير مثال .



الفقر يا صديقي يجعلك تدرك مقدار النعم التي يتنعم بها الناس و لا يعي ثمنها الا الفقير او العبد الشكور و طفيف ما هم مثل نعمة الصحة التي هي تاج على رؤوس الأصحاء لا يشاهده الا السقماء.

إن الزمان الماضي لا يتذكر من يلبس ملابس ثمينة، وإنما من يعمل بهدف أفكار ثمينة.

الفقر هو خسارة الامل ضياع بسمة باالاجمال ققدان الانسانية جميعنا ابناء آدام اللهم ارحم كل فقير ورزقه من حيث لايحتسب في ذلك اليوم.



Biggest poor person is one who have everything but still not satisfied Also not thank the god for what they have.

True conviction is everything regardless of other things

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Great photos to express a significant point and message. Children should be allowed to enjoy a happy, stresses and carefree childhood and not child labor.

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