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LUCID DREAM & THE CHAMELEON PRINCE .... Painting & Poetry ( watercolour on paper) by Neha Bisht

By: @nehab

1 SOcijbH3WVUgOi14e1GhVA.jpeg

He crossed her path
Like a twist in the tale.
Caught her off guard .
Ruthlessly ensnared.
A quirk of destiny
She couldn't foretell.
She couldn't see it coming.
The potent love spell.


Have you learned bust?) The work is not over yet. Hint. This is a character from ancient Greek mythology. Whoever guesses, he will get pies 😇😂)

By: @daio


You can not even imagine how cool they all look in real life (I'm talking about my work), the photo does not convey the relief, color, transitions, contrasts.


Human face and head / Watercolor painting Process and Techniques

By: @shibasaki


Hello everyone.
Let's draw a human face and head this time...


Mini comics. Sketch of girls.

By: @miss.dara


Hello friends! Sketch of girls with different emotions :) Sometimes I like to draw something quickly, because something such a beautiful and unusual time is just not enough, and I want to please you with my drawings. I hope you like it :)


Double-headed snake and skull.

By: @vitalina


Hello, friends! Today I will show you the almost completed process of my new sketch for tattoos. This is quite unusual, I was the first to draw snakes, especially double-headed ones. This idea came to me after I saw a couple of videos with unusual double-headed animals, it was very surprising, so I decided to add it to my picture!




FreeWrite: The Mango Sisters

By: @kaerpediem


"Do you see her? No! Don't look"
"Then how do I see her?"
"Just keep walking."


ULOG # 5 - Some Successes - Some Fails

By: @rwedegis


This week has been kind of a mixed bag for me. It's not like it started bad and turned good or the other way around. It was all kind of mixed up! Oh by the way Mercury is in retrograde! Not that that should effect any of this.


The Importance Of Teaching Science To Preschoolers (INCLUDES 5 SCIENCE ACTIVITIES)

By: @sweetpea


While I want my son to stay little and innocent for as long as possible, I also love to watch him grow and learn – it’s just one of those conflicting matters that all parents experience. Introducing him to the “magic” of the world is one of my favourite parts of being a mother, there’s just something so thrilling seeing the universe through a child’s eyes and it’s almost as though you were learning or seeing something for the first time too


📣 Contest! 🔥 Giveaway! 💲 $10+ SBD Prizes! ✨ Enter Now! 🍀

By: @arbitrarykitten


Man, one year. It's certainly been a trip! I've met so many spectacular Steemitzens and you have enriched my life in more ways than you can know. This giveaway is a fun gift I'd like to give back to my wonderful treasured friends and followers whom I treasure so very much.


Motivational Monday: You are building a legacy

By: @dollarsandsense


I have been reflecting on Steemit a lot recently. Thanks to the #steemstory contest and some conversations with friends and family, I have started to pin down exactly why I am on this platform and why I plan to remain for the foreseeable future. I’d like to share one of those reasons with you here, in case you haven’t thought about your posts the same way I have. I find the idea to be incredibly inspiring, and my hope is that you agree and it makes you smile and “Steem on” with a renewed sense of purpose and value.


Keep up the awesome work!

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I love the posting of art. They are talented enough. I believe they have already practice it for a long time until they become better and better at sketching or drawing.

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