One of the positives of the recent quarantine lockdowns is that we've got more time ...

in #appics2 years ago

... to experiment with new dishes. Since we've been sleeping later and getting up later each day, we decided to eat twice a day, and have a big brunch instead.

So for brunch, my wife has been cooking up some delicious treats. Today she made some french toast and these amazing fluffy raisin pancakes. The kids kept asking for more.


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Looks delicious. I made pumpkin spice pancakes the other day. Not as fluffy

Thanks. O cool, pumpkin spice pancakes, that sounds really tasty. Does it make the pancakes pumpkin flavoured?

The spice I bought in the US. Hard to describe the taste

O I see. Never heard of pumpkin spice before, so was just curious.

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