Life is what we pay attention to. I believe we all have an internal desire to feel ...

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... fulfilled, when actually fulfillment is always there. It’s a choice we make, an action we take, a shift in perspective. It all comes down to gratitude. Focusing on each breath, realizing how amazing it feels to be alive. Looking into the sky, watching a tree, realizing that seasons come and go, everything is always changing and how amazing it is to have a human body that you can move around with. When placing your focus on everything you’re grateful for, realizing that you are enough, you’re creating fulfillment. If we leave it up to chance or wait for fulfillment to find us, it most likely won’t happen - because we suggest that something is missing in the first place. Often we confuse happiness with fulfillment and are in search of what we label as positive emotions. But i think the longtime goal should be internal fulfillment, which is neither an extreme positive or extreme negative emotion, it is right in the center of just being in the present moment - which is what creates harmony between your inner and outer world. The challenge is to not get caught up and distracted by the little things, to let go of fear and thoughts that disturb your peace - and consciously replace them with gratitude and love. Your mind is a muscle and can be trained, but you have to put in the work and show up to practice for it to become second nature. 🤍✨
~ excerpt from my journal 💭
What are you grateful for today?


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Everyone trying to happy in his life

And yet the irony is that we only achieve it once we let go of „trying“ and just are.

Today I am grateful for you reminding me to just breath sometimes and to find inner peace...Thank so much for sharing with us, I should definitely try some meditation this year and destress!

Love that! Glad you found some inspiration in this post and meditation is so crucial and helpful in every aspect

Yes for sure thank you! I just posted how awesome and grateful it is that I just hit over 5,000 Apx power from all the Awesome support from the Appics Fam.! And how we are all winners when we support each other! Really loving this fabulous community, that I find very inspiring!!

I am greatful that I am alive 😀

greatful for many things but this post reminds me how greatful I am to have met all of you guys & to have heard you speak! cheers!

Love that and we’re grateful to have you on the journey 🙏🏽☺️

Looks so amazing !! Have a great time dear !!

I’m grateful for you and the journeys we’ve been together. Cheers to a new decade, new chapter, new experiences but same soul sister love 🥂🥳

Aw I’m grateful for you 🙏🏽🥰

And yes the LIFE we get to experience

are you a lover of crystals and stones? my mother is passionate about it and works on it, she always told me that they have strong power 😬

Yes I am and yes they really are powerful tools to protect, balance, intensify or channel certain energies 🙏🏽

my mother always told me the same things 😬

Hi @mrs.steemit just wanted to drop you a quick thank you for the Awesome T Shirt and the Bonus T shirt added because of the delay in shipping, it was a real surprise for me and I am very grateful to the you and the whole Appics Team @appics for all that you do, It was my first time ever ordering anything on the Block chain, and so exciting I made a Unboxing post with lots of photos to share with everyone, if you get a chance to check it out here is the link, THANK YOU I LOVE THEM!❤🙏💯😍

Hi Karen, I‘m glad you received it and can’t wait to see how it looks! Enjoy! ☺️

Thank you so much, Here is a link to my complete unboxing post I did 2 days ago, I am so happy and grateful! They fit me a bit tight but I will try to get some pics and do a post soon, you guys really Rock!👍👌❤

I am grateful today that I was able to help an old man today🙏. It makes me always happy.

Love that! Helping is a true form of happiness 😊

We are already everything. We are pure light enjoying a physical experience and the totality of us is pure love. We are source incarnate and there is nothing we need to praise or be grateful for other than complimenting ourselves on our own creations. It all comes from within us not from outside us. As one evolves one comes to see who they truly are. Blessed be. We are One with Source.

Agree with everything and it’s beautiful that you have the awareness and I’m sure you know that a consciousness

*awakening is happening wand more people are starting to connect with their higher self. I think gratitude for everything and everyone sparks self love, which is

I do agree, more and more people are awakening to who they really are. I get so excited to see so many that are connecting with their Divine selves. This next decade is going to be a huge transformation for the planet.

a shift in perspective, unlocking the true potential and purpose of their current lifetime. 💛

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