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... GO APPICS!! THANK YOU!! 💪🥰 📷 11 Pics, Full Post, Will Be Edited In On Steemit! 📷
❤️👀 I ordered the Real Eyes Realize Decentralize T shirt when they had their awesome 50% Off All Merch at the end of November, but because there were no Shirts In my size left at Appics @appics store in L.A , They had to send from Germany! And Because of the delay The Super Awesome Appics Team SENT ME A BONUS CRYPTOPRENEUR WHITE T SHIRT!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 🥰❤️👀
***I am so happy to be part of this awesome Appics Family with a special shout out to @mrs.steemit , @sirwinchester , @agent , @soldier just to name a few, for all the hard work you do YOU ALL ROCK, GO GO APPICS/APX! 🥰💪❤️


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Let the unboxing begin! GoGo Appics, Thanks So Much for All Your Support, We All Win When We Support Each Other!





Thanks For The Bonus T Shirt, You Guys Really Rock, Go Team Appics @appics !








This has been the best Monday Ever! Have a great week everyone and thank you all for your support, Stay Tuned For Future Posts With Me Wearing My New Appics Merch, Woot Woot!!


If You Want To Order Some Merch. Go to; store.appics.com Or check Out This link;


"All Photos Taken and Created By Me From our Homestead up In the Mountains of SNOWY British Columbia Canada @karenmckersie , On My Google Pixel 2 XL Cell Phone, Check my new phones Specs. Here:"


yeaaaaah🙌🏼happy for you karen the merch arrived👊🏼have a wonderful day, best greetings from barcelona

Thank you so much! It was the best day ever, I really love them!!Go Go Appics!

I'm really happy that this package from Hamburg has finally found its way to you. And let me see a photo where you wear this great shirt. I think I'll wear mine in the office tomorrow ... 😁

Thanks! Its a bit tight on me, I fing them to be more "form fitting" then usual Big Ol T Shirts, but they are really nice and great quality, I love them!! I might try to take a photo later lol, my lighting is so bad in my house under construction, maybe just the top part lol, it gives me icentive to try and lose a bit of weight!! Haha!

Congratulations 🥳 - The t-shirt will have cool photos 🤟📸✔️

Thanks for your kind reply, so happy it came in today was a surprise for me! I added lots of photos over on Steemit, just finished editing if you get a chance to check it out!

I already went to bed 😴 but I need to look at it это and I get up and go to my computer 🤪

👍 I like white - tomorrow we are waiting for a photo in a T-shirt 🤟📸 How many dollars did you give

1/2 price it was 15.00 that ended up being about $43.00 canadian after shipping, the exchange, and taxes. Plus I got a free T Shirt because it was delayed, lol, its my lucky day I really love them, they feel really nice, good quality you guys should each order one!!

No worries, Check it tomorrow Thanks, lol, sleep well!

Aweeee Appics team is awesome. Congratulations, share with us a photo later when you wear it.😘🙌✨✨✨✨

Thank you so much for your kind reply and your support its Much appreciated! the shirts styleing is a bit tight on me, they are form fitting i think, I was expecting a normal Big O'l T shirt in large Lol!!but really nice quality i love them both, I will try to take a photo from just the top lol, maybe I will lose weight before summer starts haha, I have a great incentive now, lol!!

Thanks! I love them so much, so lucky to get the bonus T shirt!!

Oh, lucky you! Go APPICS

Thanks for your Awesome reply! Love them but the style is tight form fitting in case you are thinking of ordering one, lol!

Oh darn, well that puts me out. My boobs would never fit....lmao.

I've love to buy some, but they dont have my size.....Not a lot of love for fat guys like me LOL

Haha, even the Large is tight fitting on me, the style seems to be form fittling... Not like a normal big "large" t shirt, its tight on me, haha! Hopefully this summer they get some XXL and extra large ones in, you should message them about it!!

Oh XXL wouldn't even go over my shoulders LOL

I'm used to it, it's hard being a big and tall guy....The XXXL wont fit cause they aren't long enough and the 4XL are too big because they are wide...3XLT is what I usually wear which is next to impossible to find in product merchandise unless you make your own.

Oh, haha it would be a special order then, these T shirts are actually long! You never know im sure they would have one made for you in your size, it might cost more thogh, like everything else, lol! Good luck!!

👏🏻 enjoy wearing this shirts

Thank you! They are so luxurious I love them!

WOW..😍 I Love your shirts a Lot my friend and I bet it was worth the wait? I didnt know there was things to buy from appics...cool 😉👍 glad to be here finally. Hugs 🤗

Yes just shirts and a really awesome Hoodie, you should check out the Appics store. At: store.appics.com / I added the link at theend of my post for you! just remember the shirts fit tight!

Yuhuuuuu welcome to the appics merch club

Its So Awesome thank you! must be my lucky day today, I was so happy to see this box from Germany to B.C. Canada, lol in my post office box!! Love them, they are a little tight but I need to lose weight for summer, lol!!

It must be your lucky day today! I know the feeling! I was so happy too! But shall I tell you a secret? The clothes are a little tight for me too. I'm sure there will be other dress sizes soon !!! but isn't that a great motivation to be a little more active ? I will also start with sports. The food in Greece is so good that I have gained a lot of weight ! Maybe we can motivate each other? I want to fit into my Appics Merch 😁🔥✨💪🍓

And remember! Nobody is perfect - everybody is imperfect , perfect !!! no matter what dress sizes say 😁

Your so right, thank you for that!!

Awe thanks so much for your awesome comments! Maybe its the style of them to fit tight like that or to shape to the body, I was expecting them to be more like normal large T Shirts lol, I used to be skinny all my life untill I hit Menopause...now my biibs are big and im always bloated lol!!

Thats "Boobs" not Biibs lol!!

Those are great!!!

Thanks, They are so Luxurious and awesome!!

Awesome 😍😍😍 I am so happy for you 💖🙌🏾

Thank you! I was so happy to see that box in my post office box!! And to get the free shirt was a awesome surprise, so happy today!!

You're so welcome karen, you deserve it all the way, we are happy for you

It was my first purchase of anything on the Blockchain! Very exciting!

esp like that cryptopreneur one!

Thanks, me too that was the bonus T SHIRT they added and the one @sirwinchester is wearing in the Shop photos, it's really nice love it!👍👌❤

Nice Appics tshirt, wanna buy it

Thanks, you should check out their store, I added the link in The post over on Appics!

Gotta get me some.

You will love the Appics Merc. Such good quality, but heads up, they do fit tight in the styling of them, they are not like your normal big t shirts. I will need to lose a bit of weight lol!!

this is amazing! and tells a lot about @appics team, well done!👌🏽

Thank you! It was a awesome day!! Go Go Appics!!

Congrats😀. Hope now these shirt are suit you well.

Thank you for your kind reply! I love them, very good quality!!