Win 1000 SP for 30 days OR a Bracelet In Support of Dolphins & Whales!! A few days ...

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... ago I posted a contest to celebrate my new dolphin-hood. What you will receive: 1. 1k SP for 30 days OR 2. Recycled Bracelet made of recycled material of your choice from the 4ocean website. What you need to do: comment and tell me why you deserve 1k SP for a month.

  • resteem to get the word out.

  • upvote if you find it in your heart to do so (you know what that means.)

  • if you can find people to support you, get them here to say a few words on your behalf.

Contest will end by final payout of this post, and the winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

Love, Eagle Spirit


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I deserve 1k SP for a month because I really try to support the Steem community as much as I can, for example with my giveaways & my Steem Faucet 😊

@captainkaye @diverse @richard78624

Can you be more specific and hopefully we get some people to back you up! 🎊

I definitely agree @btcsam gives back to the community, has giveaways, a steem faucet, and deserves to have his account boosted

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@eaglespirit One of my goals here on Steemit & Co. is to give something back to other users. So I started my Steem faucet some time ago where I give away all liquid Steem I receive from these posts. I also found some sponsors (currently @elements5 & @acedawnmusic) who support my project.

It is really important to me that everyone has the same chance to win some Steem so I don't care if the user is active on the Steem blockchain or not, it doesn't matter if his reputation is 25 or 70.

If I would get more SP this would help me to give back even more and support as much Steemians as possible.

@diverse Thanks for your support 😊

Well, it does matter. Everything does in the crypto sphere. Reputation, posting, community engagement, every single moment spent blogging and being a part of the community. Even botting, understanding crypto and all that entails. Even the moments you spend doing something you may not be fully interested in. Every little bit counts and helps. That’s how I got to where I am today: helping others, engagement, and being helped. Community.

congrats on reaching dolphin :)

Thank you so much!!! Woohooooo 🎊🥳

congrats eagle spirit on dolphinhood! :) what a generous contest to boot :) <3

Yay!! Thank you MJ 🥳💋

Before anything else, I congratulate you for having that title now. You deserve it.

Why am I deserving in this delegation, I wouldn't say I deserve this than anyone else. We all deserve some delegation to make our account grow. As you know I joined last year but still my sp is very low. I asked my friend to join here because I told him that I will help him to earn also. But what I didn't know that by encouraging him with words is not enough. My sp was low and my vote was not enough that at least for 0.01. I felt a bit shy because she didn't earn like me. Maybe it's not all my fault, he didn't engage too much in many steemians. As of now he stopped steeming. And just this now I invited one of my neighbour here. Though she feels excited about how amazing is steemit. I'm afraid she will leave if my support for her is not enough. Sorry but I need that delegation so that I can influence many new steemians to have a perseverance in writing here. I always help many different account by just resteeming their post because, yeah I have still a low sp. But not just about resteeming their post is what I did. I engage in different communities and asked them that we have a newbie. I asked them in their discord and engage them through the different post of every different communities that has a big influence here in steemit, likesp and exposure for many steemians.

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While I am sure many of us minnows would like to be dolphins, @mrnightmare89 is indeed explaining things correctly; I have interacted with him many times... through messages, as well as the Steem Terminal Discord group, and by reading his blog. @eaglespirit I will vouch for him...

Love and light...

I agree with @wesphilbin. @mrnightmare89 is active and interactive. @eaglespirit, I'd vouch/vote for him too.

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Sweet! Thank you for chiming in and just keep plugging along. We all have the opportunity to be a dolphin, especially with prices so low. Blessings

Thank you for your entry, so far you are the most heartfelt and wrote the most. If you can get some people to vouch for you that would be great ✊🏽

Hello there @eaglespirit!!

First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!! Another great steemian is embarking the dolphinhoood journey!!

This is one great way of giving back to the community and celebrating your first wave as a DOLPHIN! Woohooooo!

I am thinking to grab the opportunity for the 1k SP! That is quite tempting indeed.. however, I wouldnt want to drag anyone down here to vouch for me especially that I just got back from a sleeping curse.. 😂✌...

I am just slowly creeping back to the blockchain. I dont have the biggest influence the community can ever have because I have never reached minnowhood yet, but I do love to annoy other people with their posts. I tend to comment on strangers and leave behind a little upvote love even if its just minimal. For me, what matters is I let them feel that there is someone somwhere who cares to appreciate their works.

With that, I would rather vouch for someone who is here applying for the post. I will vouch for @mrnightmare89! You wouldnt regret sharing your SP to him. I am 100% sure that it will not be abused. He is very much into the engagement in the community. He never lost the HOPE to keep going even if the RC limits hits him a lot. Moreover, his positivity, undying energy, enthusiasm and friendly aura is what the community needs these days. Steem value is getting the worst in almost everyone but this guy, it did not matter at all. So, I believe in his capacity to make better use of your SP.

All the best for your Dolphinhood! May you excel more now that you have greater power than the rest of us..

Cheers! ❤

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What a lovely post and vouch for The Nightmare. I’m just getting to know him and he’s a hoot. Thank you again and stay strong! Keep steeming and best wishes on your journey.

Oh that was nothing.. As you get to know him better, you will learn to love him more.. hahahaha

Thanks for the inspiration! 😉

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Hey mate! @khussan, you can try this. I mention you here coz you introduce me here in steemit and always find a way to help me grow here. I can write a thousand reasons for you to win these delagation 😁 @khussan

You are just as good as anyone, give it a go! If you are active and have someone support your engagement. Tell me what you are doing for steem/it

🤔 recruiting memebers lol so far about 3 members have signed up out of which @kramgelo is most active

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Thanks for the mention at the moment i am not much active and most of my sp is used by minnowbooster vote selling feature so ill pass 😅

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Baha !! Hilarious

Well, you got to appreciate the honesty.

@kramgelo, you pretty active so like @eaglespirit said, you should apply 👍.

Thank you, @eaglespirit for making this contest, I hope I will be the one who will be lucky later ... amiiin.
I am very supportive of your program, because this program can be helped by young friends in Steemit like @abahfathir.
Collecting 1000 SP is not an easy thing, for example my account.
If I will be able to get 1000 Steem Power, the most important thing I will do is help the stemians to be enthusiastic about their career in steemit, and they will feel concerned about whales or big fish in steemit.

Tell me more about yourself, what you e done for steem/it so far and what you are involved in as well as your interests.

As you know, I have joined Steemit since the end of 2017, but my stealth power is still very little.
I have followed the advice of friends who are stimulated to make a lot of writing, also photos that are displayed are long and good writing, but I have not yet received apresisi from the pope.
Now if there is a new account that does not support them, they will certainly feel disappointed and lazy to work. Maybe they will be disappointed too.

Cool idea for a contest so I have resteemed

Thank you Jay!

most welcome ;)

Congratulations @eaglespirit on reaching dolphin-hood you are such a generous Steemian. If I was worthy enough to receive your very generous delegation, I would be able to help @mariannewest and all the @freewritehouse writers with greater upvotes and more encouragement on their Steemit journey. 💕

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Thank you so much, Bruni! You are so supportive all the time! so many freewriters are thriving because of your support!

You are awesome WW and I will definitely add you, you are a super hard worker and still going!! Goes without saying you are one of my faves sooooo ...


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I'd vouch @wonderwop too. He's really awesome and really supports new members.

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🙏 Bless you!

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Congratulations @eaglespirit on reaching your new status of dolphinhood. I will not say I am more deserving of this delegation but will like to put it that your delegation will enable me to help some newbies whom I introduced to steemit. Whether minnow or dolphin or whale, we all know how hard the beginning days can be and how discouraging it is to get 0.00$ payouts on some posts you put so much effort into.

I am yet to reach minnowhood myself but at the moment, these newbies need support and encouragement. They need to be motivated to hang in there and don't give up. Two of the most current newbies I introduced are @jimmylawson and @richrita. There are many others too who are just joining this big ocean on steemit and need our help and support too and I believe your 1.1k dsp will go a long way to achieve that.
Thank you.

Post upvoted and resteemed

Awesome!! I love your response and your goals!! Added

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