Before God created 💥 man, he created 🐜 Ants first 😲

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"All started 120 million years ago..."

Yes, you heard it right.
It's a long way back in time / history, so we will quickly jump 120 million years back.

...THEN LET'S GO... 🚀
💫 ...🕡... Year 2000 ...🕟... Year 1000 ...🕞... Starting counting years ...🕔... 1000 BC ...🕘... 100,000 BC ...🕒... 🚀

🌏 120 milion BC... 🌍

Here, we find one of the first species of Ants, that populated the world. They were called "Ants from Mars."

No, they didn't come actually from Mars! 🌑

Yes, the name Ant from Mars, sounds pretty "out of space," but the name was given them, because of their unusual behavior in compare to existing species of Ants. There scientific name is - Martialis heureka - still sounds weird, but the weirdest thing is, that the worker Ants are blind... 😯

OH NOOO... ❺ ... ❹ ... ❸ ... ❷ ... ❶ ... AND...

"Sippin on Gin and Juice" / Black Ant (Lasius niger) or just common black Ant 🐜
Cam: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 90mm macro G OSS 1:1
Set: F2.8 / shutter 1/160/ Iso 100
Light: Flash on the camera, led light

...🕡 🕟 🕞 🕔 🕘... AND WE BACK IN THE PRESENT

Now we have more than 22,000 species and over 16,000 are classified and colonised almost every landmass on earth.
Today, Ants represent between 15% - 20% of all land biomass of animals. 🐜 Jap,🐜 everywhere. 🐜 Oh, almost everywhere. Antarctica is the only true "Ant FREE zone..." 🇦🇶

📚 ...BUT, DID YOU KNOW... 📖
Ants are eusocial insect. Essentially, that means my hornetfly and other wasps and bees, belong to the same family - Hymenoptera. 🐝
The importance of Ants in the world and special skills each species has...

"Like a dog"
Cam: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 90mm macro G OSS 1:1
Set: F2.8 / shutter 1/160/ Iso 100
Light: Sun 🌞

... Will be, a story for the next time or better yet, I will try to make a Ants series. 🐜 It would be about species, which live "with me" / in my area (Austria & Slovenia) ...What do you think about the idea ? 🤔 ...For now, I hope you enjoyed the photo and have learned something new, so if you are excited to see more amazing content, don't forget to follow me👍

Till next time...
Yours truly, @marjanko

P.s.: Did you heard about @neverendingstory ? 😱

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Can't tell why it's a bad idea, because I agree, it's a great idea! I left my sentence, and I'll have to keep checking to see how the story progresses! Thanks for including it in your post so I can play too....

Wow what a beautiful macro shot!! Ants are just do amazing up close... as is all nature? Macro lovers of steemit!!❤️🦋🌈🌴💛🍀🔥

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