Hoverfly with big black eyes sitting on a hand and nectaring

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Weird looking Bee... ...It's NOT a Bee... ? Hm...
"I thought, I was photographing a Honeybee"

I was wrong... 😔
Just sad... for a macro photographer... sad... 😖 OK. I said it in my last post and I will say it again. Need to learn more about insects world! So, it's time for:

📚 "Little education" 📖

  • HOW WE MET...
    Time to time, you don't need to look / search for insects, to shoot macro photos. Sometimes the insects come to you.
    This was one of those times....I was photographing a spider ( Araneus diadematus ). It was raining, so I had the amazing opportunity to see, what will spider do, with the net ?



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    As I was trying to get the best shot of the spider, I feel some weird sucking,wet, feeling on my left arm. I was not panicking, so the "honeybee" continue exploring / sucking my "skin".

    It was not a 🐝 but a "Syrphus ribesii." Is a species of a hornetflys. There are more 6.000 known species and each one, more interesting then te last one. Volucella inanis, Pellucid Fly, Dasysyrphus tricinctus and one of the most known Eristalinus taeniops...
    It would be nice, to have a macro collections of some amazing species. 😚
    Research from 1971 shows, that in most of the Europa, two chromosome species Syrphus ribesii prevail. One with 2n = 8 the other with 2n = 10. References from Boyes, J.W., van Brink, J.M. & Boyes, B.C. (1971). "Chromosomes of Syrphinae (Diptera: Syrphidae)

dam how close.jpg
If you like my work and want to support me, HERE you can purchase a licensed photo.
Cam: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 90mm macro G OSS 1:1
Set: F3.2 / shutter 1/160/ Iso 100
Light: Flash on the camera, sun light


  • They are harmless and curious
  • Hoverflies, or as some people call them "Flower flies"
  • You can find them all over the world, but not in Antarctica
  • They are important pollinators
  • Hoverfly preys upon pest insects - they are used for pests and biocontrol

I hope you enjoy the photo and have learned something new, so if you are excited to see more amazing content, don't forget to follow me👍

Till next time...
Yours truly, @marjanko

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JUST LOOKING FOR SHELTER...? This is a charming photo :D. I worked a little bit on the neverendingstory. Thank you, that you showed it, marjanko. This project is a fantastic idea.

@suntree Nice try, but wrong :/ Maybe next time, you will get it right ✌️ About @neverendingstory .... Sometimes the simple is the best. 😊 I need to work on some bug, to make it more transperent... then we will make history.... but psttt 🤫

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I will never guess 😀... Congrats to the winnner...

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Thanks for the support!

Answer it is B
The photo it is really good... yes there are to many things... we have to learn about...
Thank you for share...

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Thanks @tahiaarq, happy that you like my work ✌️ But I have bad news....
Your answer B) is not correct

Well.. I try.. jajajaja.. I will be aware for the right answer... Thank you!

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@tahiaarq For sure 🤘
But I think it’s all over....
I think we have a winner 😊

This is another amazing shot.
I did not see anyone answering the first question.
I think the spider was doing nothing.

@nelinoeva 🍀 Thank you ✌️
Yes, I wonder why nobody is trying to answers it.... 🤔🤔🤔
Uuuu no you answerd wrong - it’s not answer A)

Haha, that is OK. 😀

😊 @nelinoeva try it again ✌️

Too late, you have a winner.
I woild not guess it anyway 😀

wonderful macro, love the details and colors.

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Next stop 🐬 dolphin 🍀

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