[What IS a Post?] The #AntiPost Challenge by @sndbox

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Some of One Piece members are fighting for the weekend, do you know them?

Come to join this funny challenge!

Thank you @sndbox to hold up the Weekly Question Series, here is the details: https://steemit.com/antipost/@sndbox/sndboxweeklyquestionwhatisapost-m17f4krvx7

How to Play

  • Publish a "post" using the tag #antipost
  • Comment (at the above original post) with a link and tell them a bit about your concept and the thought process behind it. What makes your post different from other posts? Is it visible, invisible, a timeline, a game, an abstract digital art piece, something even more meta?
  • They'll curate their favorites!

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What a nice photography @kona keep it up

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