Steemcleaners Looking for Curators

in anti-abuse •  last month

Even those of you who had a run in with @cheetah at one time or another still get help when your account becomes compromised, phished, or lost.

Right now crypto is in the gutter and our project is suffering.

All it takes is one vote on our posts. One vote, one post a day. You receive curation rewards and the knowledge that you helped make the steem ecosystem a better place.

How you can help

We put in a lot of hours and we don't get much for it. Most of the hours we put in are free.

Keep in touch with us

Talk to us about abuse. You can be in our Discord appealing a flag one day and the next day you're there asking for help for a buddy's account. We treat every case separately. To help the ecosystem. That's just what we do. Now this is your chance to give us a hand.

Did you guess where the title image is from?

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How much Steemcleaners&cheetah&spaminator... projects costs?


You do a great job.

Yeah robots may be too strict as they only obey code instructions... so a man final supervision must be made to prevent blooding innocents.
I think you'r right and you should be supported by this community. Will try and give my bit from time to time.

Good vibes !


Thanks that'd be ace. And any time the bots are wrong or we're wrong we want to know about it.

Will try to curate deserving post as much as I can. An amount of my percentage will follow your trail. ✌


Thank you, you were the first and fastest to respond. Really appreciate it.

Steem isn't meant to be your day job,....
It's not like you pay a lot to your informants.