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Here is the long awaited moment for the winner of my last blog. Which is first blog in which I announce that the start of competition.
If you are don’t know about it go and read this blog here is the link
So about the winners,
Yes you read it right I got two winners in this competition.
First of all there are 9 unique comments I got on my blog from
@clayrawlings , @yasayanoluler , @conradsuperb , @olivia08 , @dizzyapple , @amit1995 , @rajan1995 , @rahul1998 , @dayawantpathare

Out of them

@yasayanoluler , @conradsureb , @dayawantpathare doesn’t follow all rules and disqualified from the competition.

Now about the first winner

So the first winner is,


And the second winner is


You guys can check there comment on the link given at the starting of the blog.

And thanks them to all who has supported this kind of competition.

And if you want to take part in next blogs competition make sure you have follow me.

And we ready next blog is coming soon

and doors are open in this blogs also if I got somebody great idea in this blog then I will update you in upcoming blog.

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Great contest. Thanks for the win. We are all on Steem so in some ways we are all winners.


Yes you are right sir, and congratulations on the win sir.
Thanks for resteem sir

Hi @sumit1998, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @yasayandaler and @condradsuperb don't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @conradsuperb ?

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Thanks I corrected them

Hard luck. I will try in next blog.

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Keep trying

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I am the winner yah, thanks sir this encouraged me to stay here.
I can participate in next competition sir or now I am out


Congratulations winner, yes you can try in next blog. But as you win it this decreases your chances of winning until you will provide best comment


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