Write good Anime posts and get 5 Steembasicincome Shares! (contest/giveaway)

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The anime tag on Steemit has unfortunately been in a bad state for quite some time now.

careful, she is a vampire

To celebrate the new effort to create a better anime community and the brand-new discord server here, I thought about sponsoring a few @steembasicincome shares.

But how to make it in a way that helps the poor tag the most? So I decided on this:

To get 5 Shares

giving you a lifelong payout bonus on your posts, you have to do the following:

  1. From now until 30-09-2018 (next 5 weeks)
  2. Write 3 good anime-reated posts (manga is also okay, and drawings if they are yours)
  3. After you have written all 3 posts, comment here with a ink to those.

If the posts are at least mediocre-good content, they will count.

Means you don’t have to write @maid-chan style 1000 word posts, but “This girl is Hikari. She is a vampire and really funny. Watch demi-chan wa kataritai!” will definitely not do.
Same for drawings: 5 minute doodlings are not okay unless you can make a masterpiece in them, this (just the last on the anime tag atm, no special reason) would definitely count.

Attention: I can only verify English and German, and I am quite sure we can find someone for Spanish. Everything else I cannot guarantee. (You might try translating into English with google translate or this. It often works quite good if you know enough English to correct the big context errors.

What do you think? Feel like writing? Just 3 posts in 5 weeks, not that hard, right?

And if you haven’t joined our anime discord, come in please!


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If anyone does want to make the reviews in spanish, I'll check them out, spanish is my mother tongue after all :D
Also couldn't say it until today due to lack of internet, but thanks for the coverage and the contest, this idea of yours was very thoughtful in order to revitalize the tag a bit. I mean, the rules are simple enough and there is no big pressure, just post some good posts using the tag to help revitalize it, I definitely love it. (Voting and resteeming now, lol)


Yeah, a simple "write one" was not what I wanted, so I decided to stretch it and reward amount and consistancy.

nice I hope my next review of animes in my blog will get some reward finally !


A worthy initiative in trying to rescue the ANIME tag on Steemit ! And a wonderful contest, also ! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!


I will do the judging after the contest time runs out. Until then you have time to add posts, and you can enter more then three.

Nice initiative, hope more people that loves anime will start showing it for real rather than spamming stuff. I don't know if I would be able to come up with 3 posts but guess I will give it a shot.

Lol, I was going to tag @veryspider to look at this but I see you already mentioned her.

I may take you up on that as there are a few things I can write about at the drop of a hat.


Just don't do any boring lists, the epitome of "I don't have anything to write, so I just do that".

Yaaay! So excited to see this contest to improve the anime tag! <3

Excellent idea. I was thinking abou writin 1 #anime post per week to get things started on the tag. So nice to see a competition.

Good Luck Everybody!

I wrote my first, but only because it was the anniversary of a show. I'm in the process of writing the two other.

Oh, Ill do this one after that webtoon contest that I joined in.... Just three reviews. Can do!

Ill review cory in the house, toy story and spongebob... Cory in the house is still best anime. Still has relevance in today's anime industry. LOL


Generally "anime" refers to "japanese" animated productions, not cartoons (western, mostly US). Some people can get very serious about that ;)

I am not sure if I should (can) accept that.

I mean it is
A) graphic style difference
B) deepness difference

B is mostly because in the US cartoons are made for small children (or old military training which tells you a lot lol).
Animes are often made (and I am not even talking about hentai) for grown ups and can be very bloody or serious.


slow claps

This is....very educational.... I learned a lot today...


However, maybe you've forgotten it, but I told that in my particular case I wouldn't accept the 5 shares and instead would check the participants at contest close so you send the 5 shares to them instead plus 5 I will add myself. I'll need to read all of the participants' posts, however by memory I think it will be either eaudebla, ascheriit or Maid-chan.

Not bad man :v. I was thinking about making a novel with anime illustrations, ¿would that work? Me the story and a friend the drawings (he is draw pretty nice).


Yes, that would be okay.