The Best Anime Streaming Websites

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So there are a lot of people who like anime and I am one of them so today I will show you 10 websites you should know about to watch anime online you may also find that some of these sites also have apps on smartphones and streaming boxes of course there are more than 10 great anime sites so you're welcome to share your favorites with others in the comments so let's get started



 Crunchyroll which is based in the United States and available in more than 180 Countries to have more than 850 titles available making it the largest website on this list in addition to the anime they also have Japanese dramas for you to watch Crunchyroll is free but if you want more features including high-definition and more content they do offer membership plans starting at 6.95$ per month 

 So if you're a huge fan of anime you will likely never run out of shows to watch on Crunchyroll 


 HIDIVE which is based in the US and available in more than a dozen countries is a subsidiary of the anime Network they feature more than 100 titles with partnerships with many of the top production studios they also feature a huge section of dub titles for those that don't want to read text the entire time high dive offers two plans for members free and premium. Premium members get access to dubs HD quality streams and other exclusive content for $3.99 per month. 



Anime planet which has partnerships with Crunchyroll Viewster and Hulu is available globally the availability at shows will depend on which country that you're in they currently have more than 200 titles that can be streamed. anime planet is free but is ad supported. 



Hulu the subscription-based video service based in the United States known primarily for streaming of Network shows and original content it's offered only in the United States and Japan many don't know this but they also offer a large amount of anime titles with more than 142 stream. Hulu no longer offers a free service their plans start at $7.99 per month with commercials if you want to get rid of the commercials it's $11.99 per month

Adult swim 


Adult Swim which is a subsidiary of the Cartoon Network is based in America and is only available in the United States Australia and New Zealand known for many fine shows including Rick and Morty they also offer more than 20 anime titles as well Adult Swim is completely free 



Netflix is an American company that is available in more than a hundred and ninety countries not only do they have my favorite new show the defenders which you should definitely check out they also offer decent amount of anime with more than 60 titles to choose from pricing with Netflix can vary with plans starting at around $8 per month



tubiTV is a free ad-supported TV and movie service based in San Francisco California their library of 50000 shows is now only second to Netflix they now offer more than 50 anime titles including some old classics and some new shows that air weekly to be TV is only available in the United States 



Viewster is an on-demand video service based in Switzerland and is available in more than 120 countries worldwide they currently offer more than 70 anime titles for you to enjoy Viewster is only ad-supported so there is no cost to use their service 

Anime Strike 


Anime strike is an on-demand service for Amazon channels that was just launched in January of 2017 it currently offers more than 20 titles and for now is only available in the United States anime strike is not cheap first of all you have to have Amazon Prime which costs around $100 per year then you can add on anime strike for another $4.99 per month 



Funimation is another one of the big players like Crunchyroll for delivering anime content based in Texas in the United States Funimation is available in the US UK Canada Australia and New Zealand they currently offer more than 300 titles in various categories Funimation is free with ads to remove the ads and get access to their entire library they offer a premium plan for $5.99 per month that concludes this list.




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Didn't know that we have all these options to view it legally... too bad that most of these won't work in Libya without VPN.

I didn't know that. Some interesting recommendations.

Or you could just download everything off like I do but I can understand wanting to support the creators. Though really I have to wonder whether these pay for sites in particular are even legal and the creators even see any of that money.


Used Anime-Planet and Funimation before, but I thought Crunchyroll was a subscription service. Adult Swim ofc for Rick and Morty, that show is hilarious. Weird how they're all in the US, would've thought that the biggest ones would be Japanese.

Crunchyroll have a subscription service, that lets you watch the episode as soon as it releases than wait a week (in the free ver.) and lets you read manga which isn't availble in the free ver.

Otherwise the site is completely free. just you won't find all the anime in some regions.

Oh, I see. I thought it was subscription only.

Well, I'm no anime connoisseur, so it's probably fine for me. Though, from what I did watch, I tend to like the the more mature stuff (in subject matter), and those aren't quite mainstream, not obscure, I guess, but not mainstream.

Any suggestions?

Not sure... mature and non-mainstream stuff? There's Erased (japanese name: Boku Dake Inai Machi) I think fits this a lot.

"Mature" but mainstream is Attack On Titan but you most likely heard about this even if you didn't watch it.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I watched Attack on Titan, just season 1 though, I wouldn't call it very mature though, standard power fantasy with some gore. I think I watched Erased, not sure though.

I like stuff like Claymore, Black Lagoon, Elfen Lied, Psycho Pass, precisely because they tackle weird mature subjects and don't shy away from a little gore or boob like western stuff, that's become so boring and predictable; I've seen it all before :)

hmmm... yeah. the Mature part in Attack on Titan isn't the story... I want to remember something for you but nothing comes to mind.... well, I know your account if I remembered something I'll tell you there.

I think Erased (most of it anyway) has Psycho-pass maturity level... but that's just my opinion.

Someone said Umineko is more Mature than most anime but I haven't watched it so I don't know (the same person considers AoT very mature).

A ok. I'll have a look at Erased. Thanks for the suggestions. Well, AoT, I dunno, it's cool, don't get me wrong, but again, not mature imo. Gory and action packed, yes, deep, not so much :p

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nice post..keep it up :)

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