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We promote as a team showing our blogs from Steemit.com #FFSteemit #Followfriday on twitter


100% of SBD from this post will be distributed after 7 days equally to

the voters who followed directions.

We are part of the
The #minnowsfaucet Community Grow Project

why team up ?

You can be part of a bigger growing movement every week on Friday to promote Your steemit blog with us as a team where You will learn a recipe that worked since 2009.
During the next 6 weeks buildup your backlinks will SEO into a wide international spread web from connected pages that stay on twitter catching more and more visitors over time.

Ever wondered where those crazy FollowFriday or FriendForward message's where for ?

To gain attention for Your blog posts nobody will ever see if You do nothing.
To get permanent pages in twitter to get picked up by Bing Google and Yahoo.
To be present on twitter as this is a large searchengine for topics with many visitors by itself.
To hook on working together with other promotors.
To gain general followers that now bumb into Your article. simple.

So how does this work and what do You need to do ? how to #FFSteemit ?

Be fair to digital ping-pong each others post by Re-steeming but more important: Retweeting while following all participants.(otherwise your posts will not be seen by others)
I retweet Your links and You retweet my links is the game.

search for the #FFSteemit tag on twitter, FOLLOW THESE PEOPLE, then jump in by RT (retweet)
See who is doing #FFSteemit and copy their twitternames in a row

now RE-Tweet with this, hit retweet on other peoples posts.
copy this in the Re-Tweet textarea.

mix a few mentions every time
#FFSteemit @Yourname @John @mary @somenewguy
#FFSteemit @John @mary @somenewguy @Bob81
#FFSteemit @mary @somenewguy @Bob8 @Anna_B

now You make NEW twitter posts with this:

#FFSteemit @Yourname @John @mary @somenewguy http://steemit.com/@you/yourblogpost
#FFSteemit @John @mary @somenewguy @Bob81 http://steemit.com/@you/yourblogpost
#FFSteemit @mary @somenewguy @Bob8 @Anna_B http://steemit.com/@you/yourblogpost

rotate posting new tweets.

rotate Retweeting. ( it is very easy to hit retweet, when You get more experienced mix)

ALWAYS use the tag #FFSteemit (now You know it is a fellow steemian )
do not mention random twitter users or you will get spam accusations
we play this fair as a team, using the #FFSteemit protects us.

So how do I start ?

We start on steemit.
(ps. 100% of SBD from this post will be distributed after 7 days equally to the voters who followed directions, so you gain followers, get your blog seen and get paid, how fun is that ?)

  • 1 Share this post to twitter by pushing the twitter button under this post

  • 2 invite 5 or more of your steemit followers by going to their blogs

I invite You to team up with us to promote Your blogpost on twitter !

We work as a team with #FFSteemit
See how we do this here

  • 3 Let us know Your twitter handle in the comments like http://twitter.com/FFSteemit

  • 4 next mention the followers you nominated here in the comments like this
    I nominated @follower1 @follower2 @follower3 @follower4 @follower5

  • 5 Upvote + Resteem

  • 6 We start on twitter Thursdays late in the evening
    stop on Fridays night
    Saturdays morning we say TY for #FFSteemit but start no new ones

  • 7 When it is time to #FFSteemit You go to YOUR blogpost and push the twitter share button.
    a popup with the link will show up, ADD #FFSteemit in the text

  • 8 Search #FFSteemit on twitter
    how to #FFSteemit is already explained in the text above, have fun co-promoting !
    We will be doing this every Friday for Steemit promotion.
    Be sure You will be picked up by major accounts, CU #FFSteemit !

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I missed #ff but I am very active on Twitter. I set up a list of steeming tweeps and have over 100 steemers on it now. Please join!

All you need to do is retweet any tweet on the list and I will find you. Make sure something in your profile lets me know you are on steemit. I look at anyone who retweets off the list so I will see you.

Here is a link to the list:

I want to join this #ffsteemit but I dont have account on twitter. This promotion is great idea. I like it. I Resteem your post, hopely people's can join with your program.

an account is made in 10 minutes, the promotion takes a year to get it right OR you have to get lucky to be picked up by a big crew of old twitter veterans. - seems You just got lucky TODAY I will pick You up and introduce You

Thank you , I am glad happy @nicnicy
I will aktivated my tweetir akun soon.

If this all sounds complicated at first ? it is not !

Just leave Your twitter here and we will pick You up .
and next week, and the week after.... after a while You do this digital ping-pong like a boss and get to know a lot of people !

Hi nicnicy!

Got your comment on my latest post.

Here is the tweet that I have posted.

Thanks for the help :)


piSolutionsMRU piSolutionsMRU tweeted @ 31 Aug 2017 - 19:22 UTC

How effective Steemit is for finding specific steemians ? #FFSteemit — Steemit

steemit.com/steemit/@pisol… / https://t.co/mcqDhCE2jD
@pisolutionsmru @nicnicy

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Upvoted, resteemed, Tweeted. Now I'll go do the rest of the list.

Right ...i am working it here...nice to see you! It always takes me a minute...will head to your blog next!

This is a great idea. Thanks @nicnicy!

Very nice post

thank you @nicnicy good work