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Not long ago I created a community for anime & manga lovers here in Steemit and while recruiting members I decided to make a post about the Japanese geek culture, often referred as the otaku culture, the reasons why we love our anime so much and the kind of events and activities that you’ll usually see when dealing with us.

Source. Genshiken manga cover for chapter 50

To get things started I want to give a definition for anime: “cartoons for grown-up people”. Yes, that’s the best definition I can give to simplify anime. There’s tons of anime, and there are some that are for kids, like Pokemon or Digimon, but I’d rather have my 2 or 3 year old children watch Mickey Mouse or Donald the duck. When thinking of anime, it’s best to compare it to the DC comics or to Marvel, these are animations too, but Batman is hardly a cartoon for kids and the same could be said about Deadpool or Ironman.

Anime & manga has more variety than these classics, so it can appeal to a wider audience and that’s the magic of anime. The most common genres are those that include battles, superpowers, adventure, magic, some erotic scenes (called ecchi by the fans for the japanese translation); but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The truth is that when making anime you’re drawing and it’s easier to get the spectator to find himself immersed into those fantasies; imagine an actor like The Rock in a film with diluted animations, superpowers, people that fly all over the place… I don’t think I would enjoy such a film much, even with modern computer graphics and animations. Anime is very suited to make fantastic histories and really original and creative histories in any genre so it’s really common to have really exceptional love or drama histories like Clannad or Angel Beats!

Source. Clannad anime picture.

Creation & Selection, breeding exceptional anime

Most anime have high production values, not Hollywood level values, but high nonetheless, so only the most popular and exceptionally good stories become an anime. Typically authors write manga or novels and present them to editorials and publishers; they judge the quality of these creations and decide whether to publish them or not. From those that are chosen, only the best of the best are converted into anime. The amount of authors trying to get their work published is really high so the competition is really fierce, an in fact some of the best works here try to represent this reality or are based on them.

Source. Bakuman an anime about two aspiring mangakas.

While an author can create an exceptional story and see it made into an anime; most are adaptations of really popular manga or novels. There is one sad truth here though… most manga and novels are TRULY exceptional in terms of story writing, but due to the high values of production of an anime, most of them only cover a part of the entire work and while sometimes you can see some of them having several seasons, like Naruto, Dragon Ball or One Piece; most only have 13 or 26 episodes and if you really like it, you’ll need to search for the original novel or the manga.

This fact is something that has made the anime & manga culture something unique, those 13 or 26 episodes limit make anime a seasonal event. That’s right, 52 weeks a year divided by 4 seasons means 13 episodes per season or one episode per week, so every season we’re greeted by a good amount of new anime to enjoy and this means that we’re always moving forward, seeing new authors’ work.

Source. Small part of the summer 2018 chart.

Passionate community

So what happens when you find some anime you love? Well, that’s where the fun begins! The first step would be finding the related manga or novel and enjoying it to the fullest. At some point you’d probably like to talk with other people with how you felt, what you enjoyed, what you hated, etc… and perhaps by the influence of these very anime & manga we tend to be really energetic and passionate and either bash someone to death or stick together like blood & nails. You can be sure that if you find another person who has similar tastes then you’ll be FAST friends and that’s something I love about this world and this culture. 

Source. Otaku greetings.

However, it’s not uncommon for fans to go the extra mile and extend their favorite stories or create spinoffs, these are commonly known as doujinshi or fanfic, short for fan fiction, in western cultures. Here's one really good example:

It's a fanfic video in spanish, how awesome is that? the original series is japanese and yet we have a whole video made by fans for fans in spanish. At Naruto ranks 2nd as the show with most fanfics made with 425k fanfics, losing only to Harry Potter who has 794k.

This is only possible due to the fact that the cost of drawing or writing is much less than that of filming a movie and anyone can do it… so many hard fans or aspiring authors write alternative stories using their favorite characters and many of them are actually quite good. 

In fact, many of these are published in the internet and enjoyed by the rest of the community, but many enjoy having physical copies or meeting the creators in person. One of the biggest events in japan is the Comiket (short for comic market), whose main purpose is to serve as a hub for anime fans worldwide. In this MAJOR event people from all over the world gather to buy doujinshi, meeting authors, and enjoy many other activities.

Source. A very small part of the comiket, East halls 1 to 3.

The only real problem with the comiket is the HUGE amount of people that visit it each year, making it an event difficult to assist. Many people camp at the entrance one or two days before and the waiting lines are incredibly long, so actually participating in the comiket is a competition in and out of itself and the place gets really cramped with all the visitors.

This event is a huge hub for anime fans worldwide, but what if I told you that we even have our own city representing our culture? That’s right, just like movie stars have Hollywood, we have Akihabara.

Source. Akihabara city.

Akihabara, frequently shortened to Akiba is the city of anime & manga, and it’s also full of electronic stores and it’s one of the most technologically advanced cities in the entire world. The city itself is quite the tourist spot, but I have to admit that I would only visit it as tourist, living surrounded by so many wonderful and interesting things would make it hard to focus on living a normal life…

Anime & Real Life, cosplayers and voice actors

Voice acting is one of the core points of anime, in fact it’s so important that good voice actors are quite well respected and well paid. Not only that but some anime have been made about them, their lives and their work. Voice actors are really important for anime because they’re the ones bringing the characters to life, but they’re not the only ones that try and bring characters to life. 

Source. Darling in the Franxx cosplay.

True fans might decide to dress as some of their favorite characters and act as them. This act is known as cosplay, short for costume play. Many shops specialize themselves in selling goods for cosplayers, from sewing tools to full costumes making it easy to get into character and interpret the character to the best of your ability. Cosplaying is not for the faint of heart, however; it takes some real courage to dress up like a character from an anime and perform in front of many people.

Another thing we love to do is to sing our favorite anime opening or ending songs, and sometimes some of us take the stage and sing them in public or in karaoke. Why? because...

Anime music & soundtracks, an immersive experience

While fluid animations and fantastic voice acting make watching anime a pleasant experience the two trump cards that make them awesome are story and soundtrack. Most anime begin with a 1:30 minute long opening video that serves as an introduction to the show itself and the soundtrack used in most anime is usually top notch, up to the point that some anime’s focus is in the sounds themselves. There are very few things that can get to you as seeing a character you love die in the hands of a beloved with some violin background music and super voice acting. 

Source. Angel beats! a music focused anime.

A good example of how important sound is the anime Angel Beats! (the anime name includes the exclamation mark). The opening song of Angel Beats! is a masterful piano piece, and the name itself is a reference to music. Exceptional sound tracks can be heard during the whole anime, and there are small details like the name of the Angel: “Kanade”, which means “music note” in Japanese; my translation isn’t exactly top notch but it’s the word used to describe the “do”, “re”, ”mi” etc… sounds in music. 

It doesn’t stop there however, the anime itself is about death and reincarnation, about meetings and farewell, about wishes left undone… and it’s ending theme: “Brave Song” fits the theme perfectly. The song is about how we’re all alone in the end, how we must continue forward supported by our memories together, how we can’t give up and how we must continue forward, never stopping, no matter how hard the road may seem.

There are other anime that take music as the main theme, often classical music and other art representations. One of the most popular ones is Shigatsu wa kimi no uso; translated as: “Your lie in April”, it revolves around the life of a pianist as he meets a female violinist who is sick with a terminal disease and their memories together. It’s a really bittersweet story that has left emotional scars worldwide, but the point that makes it amazing is the piano competitions where you see the protagonist struggling with all his problems and surpassing them.

Source. Shigatsu wa kimi no uso protagonist.

Choosing what to see

I hope that this post has sparked at least some curiosity… my intention was to give a general explanation about this culture, since there’s so much I would never end if I went into specifics. However you might have noticed I haven’t given any particular reason to watch it, just mentioned some of its good points outside of the TV shows themselves. There’s a reason for that, and it’s this post made by @vimukthi, it’s a passionate post explaining why anime rocks and why you’re missing a lot of fantastic entertainment if you aren’t watching it. He explained it much better than I probably could so do give it a chance. However, they say an image conveys more info than a thousand words, so:


However, while anime is great and awesome, not everyone has the same tastes, so in a season chart they separate anime according to genres, so that people can watch the shows that interests them the most. Here’s a collection of some really fantastic ones to watch of each of the core genres: 

Shonen, battles, superheros: This genre is suited for teens or young adults, and is often focused on battles, the power of friendship, supporting each other and so forth. Good examples are Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece and Boku no Hero Academia.

Kodomo: These are geared towards childs and aren’t pretty common. Good examples are Digimon, Pokemon and Doraemon. 

Slice of life: As the name says, these are focused on normal everyday life, though the setting itself may not be our world. Famous ones are Mahoutsukai no Yome and Working! 

Comedy: While most anime have hilarious scenes, comedy anime are focused on making you laugh, really exceptional ones are Detroit Metal City and Asobi Asobase.

Mecha: Some anime focus extensively on robots, fusion, pieces, big moves, etc… up to the point it’s become a genre itself. The most popular ones are Gundam, Macross and Mazinger Z.

Seinen: These ones are geared towards adults, they contain strong scenes often including violence and cruelty; philosophy, social behavior, and political corruption are amongst the most used topics in this genre. Good ones are Speed Grapher, Psycho Pass, Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain and others. 

Yuri, Yaoi: Yuri is anime focused on lesbian relationships and yaoi is anime focused on gay relationships. This genre doesn’t have many great examples, but Citrus is one of the best.

Sports: Many anime are focused on sports and competitions, some are good, and most are exceptional. Eyeshield 21 or One Outs are good examples of the genre. What makes sports anime exceptional is the fact that they always make things interesting because the setup itself makes it awesome, such as a newbie becoming a star, or a weak team fighting for the finals.

Drama: The tag says drama, but it usually means sad stories, really sad stories. Some of them have happy endings, but some don’t; exceptional ones are Clannad and Shigatsu wa kimi no uso. 

Music: There is a tag for music itself, and one of the most prominent ones is Hibike Euphonium! and Angel Beats!

Fantastic: Usually related to magic or superpowers in a medieval style world. Definitely the two most famous ones here are Full metal alchemist Brotherhood and Sword Art Online.

Shoujo: These are geared towards teen and young girls, can’t say I’ve seen many of the ones in this genre, but an interesting one was tsubasa chronicles.

Supernatural: Often focused on demons and paranormal stuff, these usually try to keep the line between reality and fiction very thin. Famous ones are Death Note and kiseijuu sei no kakuritsu.

And that’s it, those are the major tags and some of the most popular ones. You can see other minor tags used to describe some very specific element, like mahou shoujo to describe magical girls or historical when the anime has a high amount of historical elements.

Final words 

Source. Persona V Wallpaper.

I’m going to bring this post to a finish with a special mention to games inspired by anime and anime inspired by games by referencing Persona V, an anime that’s airing right now and it’s based on the game with the same name. It’s about a group of teens that acquire the capability to change people’s hearts and how they fight to change the corruption in japan. I picked this one because it’s pretty unorthodox and both their drawing style and story is easy to get in if you’ve never watched anime before, so give it a try if you’re interested.

As mentioned at the top of the post, I’ve recently created a community for us anime fans here in Steemit: 

If you’re interested in joining then please do so, we can give suggestions and share opinions… but we warned, it’s not uncommon for a conversation to last for hours if the topic is good enough :D 

Kind regards 

An Eilder Jorge hoping to find more friends who share this joy. 

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Congrats on the Curie vote!

No doubt this is a universe that goes hand in hand with video games, so I just love it.

Maybe I don't go too deep into different genres, but when they hook me, they hook me. I think the first anime I saw was Saint Seiya, even a year ago I finished seeing a fanfic along with the version of lost canvas. Then there are some more popular ones on my list like Naruto, Boruto, Hunter x Hunter, even for adults like Bible Black. But among my favorites are shaman king and Inuyasha.

What do you think is the dream of every anime fan, South Korea or Japan? I mean in general, clearly this year would win Korea because it will host 5 major events of video games, anime and comic books.


Hey, maybe from the post it doesn't show, but I'm 60% gamer and 40% anime fan, so I 100% agree with what you mean, heck, there is even a game called Akiba's trip (and an anime too) about some otaku fans who become vampires and fight in Akihabara stripping each other, what crazy idea!!! yet it was funny and cool while at the same time not looking weird, nothing but anime can do such things.
Ahhh, Saint Seiya, I know it as "Los caballeros del Zodiaco" from the Spanish version, it's a classical shonen anime with many stereotypes, but still a solid anime that proves that even when you're doing some cliche ones, it can be done correctly.
Shaman King is an interesting choice because it's an anime for kids, but it's deep, deceptively deep and I'm ashamed but I've never watched Inuyasha, it's too hard around here to get all the episodes :(
But I do know it, I've heard about it in many places and it's awesome, any fan of Inuyasha knows his stuff.
Well, Japan has Akihabara and Comiket, plus tons of shops and stuff geared for otakus, plus otaku acception has increased in general; Korea on the other side is the god tier for games and anime games (black desert and Soul Worker come to mind) and they also have high quality manhwas. But for visiting the country itself I think it would be Japan, we've grown used to japanese, to using -san, -chan, -kun, to the festivals and to the kimonos (even though they're much less used nowadays).

Hi ejgarcia,

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Thanks for the vote curie curators! Always a pleasure to see you guys/gals pop by!

What a beautiful write up about anime culture. You have certainly covered a lot of aspects about anime, from tv series, movies, manga, games, cosplay, and convention. Very thorough and detailed, certainly it is apparent that this topic is something that you have a lot of passions for and also a lot of knowledge to share.      
Congratulations for your curie vote, ejgarcia ^_^.      


Thanks for popping by scrawly! Indeed, I have a lot of passion and love talking with other people about it and sharing the love, though I'm hardly knowledgeable; I just enjoy them and appreciate them sincerely... once we're a big enough group you will start seeing the true gurus showing, though we do have quite a bit of hardcore fans already.

Well written ejgarcia, I hope other people find your post especially those who don't know much about it.


Thanks bla!, I hope so too... most of us know many of these things already, and some of us have experienced some of them (I'm still missing trips to Akiba and the Comiket). But it doesn't matter if we know about it, right? even so it's fun reminding each other why our culture and our anime love is SO great!
It might not be the case where you live... but here in my country, watching anime automatically makes most people look at you like you're some kind of weird bug... they don't know what they're missing, and once they actually try it... they don't go back... wait, I think anime is a drug!!!

That reminded me of the first episode of Gate.

The "Romans" come through the gate to attack Tokyo, and Itami, totally schocked:
If this goes on... if this goes on - THE COMIKET WILL BE CANCELLED!!

And talking about the importance of music in anime: If you have watched Anohana and hear this...


Oh lenn... this seriously bring back memories... I wonder how the japanese can make these songs with both good rhythm AND good written content that actually reflects the content of the anime itself... I think that alone is a HUGE part of why I both love and respect anime so much; it reminds me of the good old times when people sang with the Beatles and we spoke of uniting our hands and supporting each other.

I DEFINITELY need to go at least once in my lifetime to Akihabara and to the Comiket, even if it takes me 20 or 30 years... I know it's going to be a huge pain and huge lines, but I need to see it with my own two eyes, it's like the mecca for us.

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“cartoons for grown-up people
I like this :)

I like Japan manga since young. With reading your article, it really brought back my memories. I was a Manga fan since my studies time, every week won's miss in rental book store where they rent a lot of Japan Manga. And I have to save my lunch money in order to rent these books.

With today technolody, Japan brought the comic into animation until cosplay. It totally a different type of anime culture. And it attract different generation as well.

What a beautiful write up about anime culture. I really lucky found your post, I hope others too especially the young generation who don't know much about the history. Please continue this patience.

Are you manga's collector?


Thank you for popping by and leaving a comment!, I love when people comment on my posts, it's definitely one of the best reasons to stick around :D
Indeed, I'm relatively young (27 years old) so I had easy access to anime and manga online, though due to that I think I missed the thrill of searching for the physical copies to read. Unfortunately in my country there isn't much... most of the content I watch, I do so online, sometimes I help with some basic translations for the fans or read the original novels but I've never seen a proper Shonen Jump or other magazine in my hands. I do have some wallpapers I printed hanging on the walls in my room, but I'm missing the classic figures and the collections, another reason to go to Akiba I guess :D


wow.. didn't know that you so young. Then you are very resourceful. If you have a chance, grab a hard copy of the comic. The feel will be different compare with online.

I have watched a few anime, it amazing how much you get immersed into it when watching, its definitely worth giving it a try. People that visit for comiket must have mad passion for anime..

I really didn't know that much about the "anime world", a whole lot of things go on there that ends up making it what it is, even the fans have a part to play. How little I know about these but thanks to you, I know a little bit more now and I feel quite enthusiastic about anime, I will probably watch a few more. I am more of a Shonen/superheroes kinda person

Your post is quite detailed and you made an effort to touch almost every aspect of it. You definitely do have passion for anime

living surrounded by so many wonderful and interesting things would make it hard to focus on living a normal life…

I wouldn't mind living that life with less focus on the normal life... Hahaha! Hopefully, I will visit Akiba someday, and maybe live there (for a while) who knows?


Thanks for the kind comment, it really is amazing how one can lose track of the world while watching some of the best ones. I agree, I WILL one day visit Akihabara and go to a comiket, but I know beforehand it's going to be more of a trial and a challenge than anything else, I think I will look forward to it like an adventure.
I remember when I started, I watched just some recommendations from a friend and one day I was bored so I decided to watch something else and it kinda grew from that... I think those steps receiving GOOD recommendations from friends are what shapes your experience, I've seen many people who suggest watching classics like Evangelion or Death Note for starters, but for someone who's never watched anime it can be confusing, an anime like bakuman (mentioned above) would be much better for newbies to understand and follow (and enjoy). There are quite some great superheroes animes... in fact one of the best airing now is Boku no hero Academia, it's main selling point is that heroes are quite unique and the city is built on the premise of heroes' existence, for example, there is an association of people who are specialists in acting like injured people to train heroes.
And yeah! maybe it's not so bad to remove oneself from the normal life a bit :D


Looking forward to it as an adventure definitely is a good mindset

Good recommendations from friends definitely do shape one's viewing experiences. I get, there some that can be quite hard to grasp, especially for newbies...

Boku no hero Academia seems like a really interesting one, looks like one I would love to watch

Hahaha! Well, If you wanna remove yourself from the normal life a bit, then maybe Akiba will be a great place to be. Don't you think?


Of course!!! friends are really important, it's proven than sharing joy with friends only multiplies it! so having a friend inside that gives you good recommendations is really important because anime has so much variety that if you're not an expert it's likely you have a miss instead of a hit.
Yeah, I definitely plan on visiting Akiba at least once in my life, I've studied enough japanese to at least explore the city without getting lost ^^


Yes, yes, yes! definitely agree with that. Sharing joy with friends only multiplies it and make the moment a memorable one, friends are really precious gems. We should treasure them, its amazing to see what important roles friends play in almost all parts of our lives (some which we are often take for granted).

Hopefully, that plan will work out well! Hahahah! You seem to be working towards that already, well, getting lost in such a beautiful place shouldn't be so much of a hassle. You getting lost might end up turning into a fun adventure, who knows?

I was having a fangasm while I was reading this post but halfway through I realized I haven't contributed to this culture enough to fully get what I can and want to get out of it.

I really love this culture. The biggest obstacles I see to it is censorship and lack of avenues to monetization. I don't have much hope on the monetization part but Steemit(and other sites not dependent on advertising) may prove to be part of the solution to the censorship.


I feel you brother, I really do... I've helped organize some events in my country, but have never cosplayed myself, I don't think I have the courage to do that. Most of the things I've done are helping with some small translations here and there and organizing a bit for the people.
Censorship is really something that hits hard, I wonder how I forgot to include it as part of the bad things in the post. Japan being a Xenophobic country doesn't help in that regard, heck most of the anime we enjoy are fan-translated (god bless them). I'm no expert with monetization so I won't touch the subject much from an official point or financial point, but I think with a platform like Steemit (and others) many fans could get many rewards for their hard work (besides the appreciation of course).
The hard work of getting the raw manga, translating, editing, making the text fit in the correct places and then sharing it with the community is really something else. I hope to one day see more and more of these people come to places like Steemit (and perhaps to our own community) so we can all show our appreciation with $ votes.
Steemit being the solution to censorship is probably not quite correct, remember that steemit is a blogging/social network platform, so we can't very well make posts showing authors' uncensored content, at least not directly or as the main point of the post.


This post definitely deserves the curie vote! You have done some great work explaining anime to those who may not be familiar about what it encompasses...while at the same time accurately representing the genre to those that love it dearly. I have never considered myself too invested in the deeper culture...but have always been an appreciator of the fantasy themes and the artwork...and immersing myself in the beauty of the stories and music. So much love goes into making anime and manga...and it really shows! It will always speak to me on an emotionally charged level unlike anything else out there. I suppose it all comes down to the type of show that I find myself drawn towards...but like an old and faithful friend...anime has always been there with a warm hug.


Thanks creativesoul!!! I'm sorry it took so long to reply, internet not helping like always :(
At first I tried to make some sort of explanation about why I would recommend people to watch it and while writing I realized how big of an impact we, as fans, had over the culture itself so the post kind of outgrew my original intentions and took a life of its own...
Well, I'm no expert either, I'm just good at multitasking so I usually watch them whenever I've got time and over the time I just learned to appreciate them, like the music ones or the dramas. It's true that like any man I love good fights and the clash of wills and wits under the pressure of life and death, BUT at the same time I can't help but love others who focus on small pieces of life and love, like one of our members said at another posts, animes isn't usually about some particular superhero, it's about us, normal people as we get involved in many incredible circumstances and deal with them.
They are incredibly charged emotionally, and sometimes you can remember the whole thing and cry just from hearing a song from it or remembering a protagonist.
OHHHH! I just remembered one you WILL LOVE, no two words about it, definitely search for it and give it a look, Re:Life. I seriously considered explaining the idea here but I would be spoiling the suprise... take my word for it and watch it, seriously one of the best mature love stories I've EVER seen (I'm crying just remembering it BTW, but it does have a happy ending, just really full of emotions)

There’s tons of anime, and there are some that are for kids, like Pokemon or Digimon.

This would have been the first anime that i would have come across as a child. The only bits that reached as far as my country were the cartoons on popular tv but we never had any great culture of it over here. I know that there are a huge number of types and levels to the genre.

You have given me an insight into some of the vast world of anime that exists out there through your post. It's something that seems very interesting and has a huge culture behind it. I can see how big it is in certain circles.


Thanks for leaving a comment @niallon11!!!
I think the first anime I saw as kid was one of the popular mechas, like mazinger Z, Voltus V, you know, the ones that made the rounds worldwide... but after that my most recent memory is of digimon (the anime) and pokemon (the game).
In my country as far as TV goes there is 0 culture, we only have a 2 hour long special on saturdays night where most of the time the host shows some movies in the seinen category... but some people download subbed versions from internet and share them with friends, and those friends share it with others... and so on, until everyone has all the shows airing this season.
It's like you say, it's a vast world indeed, just by looking at some of the anime mentioned above, specially genshiken, you can learn ALL sort of things and realize that there is always more to enjoy and expand upon... no wonder the comiket is such a HUGE event worldwide.

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My favorites were always Naruto, Dragon Ball and Digimon, hahaha, it fills me with "sadness" to know of some that I could not see completely. I liked very much your post, I know that this community is really enriched with knowledge and is nourished by other cultures, a greeting continues to share your content that pleases us very well!


Thanks fernando!
Your favorites are some very long ones, spanning multiple years, no wonder you couldn't see them completely, I didn't either and I'm a fan!!!
Indeed, I plan to make this community a wonderful one connecting people worldwide through this unique culture we love so much!!!
Spoiler alert: My next anime post is a review of what's airing right now, a full review of almost 30 anime in case nostalgia got to you and want to remember a bit of those times :D

Hi! @ejgarcia
First let me congratulate you on your excellent post!
I see that you have solid knowledge about ANIME!
I think you become more than a fan, you seem to be a researcher or creator of this genre!
Well, I really enjoyed it!
Finally, let me invite you to my last publication that will surely interest you!
even, it is an ideal data storage and bandwidth company to work with images, music and videos!

All your comments will be answered, so we could make excellent communication!

After all, I'm looking for some support from you.

Thanks for sharing,
you have my support

I'll wait for you there!
See you soon

I think this should be an entry guide to any layperson new to anime. However, no matter where I look at it, a layperson wouldn't get the juicy content hidden in every anime genre. Seinen, slice of life, and comedy as an example have plenty of anime, manga, and novels dedicated to their stories and it makes one think how many great scenes are omitted to squeeze in into the short screen time.

What this great post is missing is the emphasis on anime as a modern art form and its derivatives. How it created several subcultures and its broad influence to games and movies. I'm glad you started a community here dedicated to it.


Sorry for the late reply... real life kicking my ass and I wanted to make it a good one.
My original intention was to write something to make normal people get interested in watching anime, but I saw other similar posts and decided to focus more on the point of the community, how we're so active and chatty and helpful and so on...
You're right that the average person wouldn't understand the real great stuff hidden in some of these genres ,did you watch Made in Abyss?, really deep and controversial that went under the radar for quite some episodes. I've found out that some mangas and novels are incredible, just plain incredible to the point that the anime shivers in comparison; yet I also think that it's because of the anime that some novels or manga shine... can't quite explain myself correctly there. The mangas and the novels I've read effectively contain many great scenes that can't fit in the time interval of the anime, mostly due to speed. I mean, I can read several tomes in one day, but there is no way I can watch several hundreds of episodes in one day, such a shame really.

You're 100% right, I totally and completely forgot to mention how much of a reach we've gotten. I guess I'm still used to think anime is a small thing worldwide when it's actually completely opposite, with more and more entertainment venues getting influenced by ourselves. Glad to have you around :D

Hello @ejgarcia I had to translate all your article because I did not want to lose your content because I am an anime fan .. There are many interesting things that I did not know and your post is very complete and well written, I have many favorite animes, but the one that Steal your breath without a doubt it's Dragon ball. Congratulations for your article I loved it.


Veo que eres de Venezuela :D en el grupo hay algunos venezolanos también. solo para aclarar, soy de Cuba, país hermano y todo eso...
Bueno, realmente ese mundo es enorme, si realmente te gusta el anime te recomiendo que veas Genshiken, la primera de todas las fotos, es una serie muy divertida que a la vez enseña mucho de esta cultura y sus muchas facetas.
Sí, vi que eres fan de dragon ball y que hiciste un dibujo del maestro Roshi, muy cool por cierto. Bueno, un placer ver que pasaste por aquí y me dejaste un comentario :D


Vi que eras de Cuba pero como todo tu contenido en Steemit está en ingles no sabía en qué idioma publicarlo jajajaja Gracias por la recomendación justo tenía ganas de ver uno y estuve viendo top de los mejores animes de este año, pero si me lo recomiendas tu que estas empapado en esto voy a tomar tu sugerencia, graciiias y gracias por pasarte por mi blog, Te seguiré necesito estar al tanto de tu contenido, un abrazo!!


Jajajaja, yo no publico mucho (una lástima, me gustaría escribir más pero el tiempo no me da); pero me honra que pienses eso. Eso sí, mis publicaciones seguirán siendo en inglés, puedes dejarme el comentario en inglés o en español, pero lo que se dice publicar trato de publicarlo en inglés para que tenga mayor visibilidad :D


Tienes razón en ingles siempre tendrá mayor alcance, y no te preocupes yo seguiré traduciendo tu excelente contenido ;) Saludos

Dude, awesome read and highly in depth. You forgot to mention it's just a lot of fun to go to a con. I've hit Anime Weekend Atlanta and Dragoncon a few times with the kids. Both daughters love anime, one doesn't want anyone to know, the other tells everyone. Honestly, people should go to a con if for no other reason than to watch the people..... That's the only reason my wife goes....


Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment ^^. Yeah, while talking about the comiket I focused on many of the amazing stuff, specially the lines and how many people go, but didn't mention how fun these events actually are!
I haven't gone to a proper con, in my country we don't have much resources to make them, though people nonetheless reunite every now and then in certain places to talk and meet other people.
Hahaha, that must be something else for you as a father, having one who prefers to keep it to herself and the other who wants to share it with everyone, with you in the mid playing the part of the cool father :D.
I've seen videos though, but I'm sure it's nowhere near the same as being there and watch the cosplayers and the people going from one place to another sharing their passions...

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