Animal Sunday Photo Challenge: Bird Dance

in animalsunday •  5 months ago

Just recently I was swinging by a friend's house to pick him up when I had an interesting little encounter with a bird. What happened next went on for a few minutes before I pulled out my phone to take a few pictures while waiting for my friend to come out of his apartment. At first the bird landed on the hood of my car.

The little guy then proceeded to forage for bugs and such in the debris at the bottom of my windshield. It looked like he found at least a couple insect treats hidden in the leaves and pine straw. The interesting part is what happened next, the bird fluttered over onto my side view mirror.

photos captured with Samsung Galaxy S7 - ©2018

I believe the bird then saw it's reflection in my tinted window and began to kind of dance with itself for a bit. I was able to shoot a short video of it dancing along my window sill before finally flying away.

#animalsunday was initiated by @homeartpictures

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy what's left of your Sunday!

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until next time...

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It almost looks as if he's trying to get inside. Maybe he wanted to ask for directions?

The police had to kill a turkey in Rochester, because it was attacking vehicle hubcaps and chasing children on their bikes. They tried capturing it but, after a few hours, they decided it was better to off the poor thing.


hahaha...I can totally see a bunch of inept fat cops trying to chase around a turkey and saying fuck it, just shoot it! Our tax dollars hard at!


Hahaha yeah... It even made the paper. They tried to corral the thing in a park, even. What I want to know is whether it got a state funeral or wound up on a plate.

What a great opportunity to catch the little guy in action!


the little guy definitely kept me entertained while I was waiting for my friend to come out!

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Nice Photo


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