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Well, not yet anyway.

A while back we received some free Muscovy Ducks from a neighbor. If you look in the photo above, you'll notice a difference between the duckling and the adult.

Our ducklings look pretty "normal" for baby ducks. They have either brown or yellow feathers and could pass for some other kinds of ducks. However, as they grow, something happens.


While I was at the park the other day, I ran into some mature Muscovy Ducks. Our adults that are breeding and reproducing look similar, but the ones at the park had a little more variety. See if you can notice a difference between the mature ones and the ducklings.


The Muscovy duck is a wild duck originally from Mexico and Central America. Although it is originally a tropical species, it has been domesticated and can now be found in much colder climates than its original home. Feral (wild populations originally from a domestic stock) can now be found across Europe, North American, New Zealand, and Australia.

These ducks are easily distinguished from other breeds because of the red skin around their eyes and beak. Eventually, it can become very lumpy and bumpy and look kind of disgusting... or at least some people think so.

Do you think that these grown-up Muscovy ducks are ugly, or do you find beauty even here? Why do you think that the ducklings look different?

Would you ever consider getting one of these? Personally, we love them and appreciate them at all stages in their development. However, we must admit that the ducklings are way cuter than the adults, but that happens with animals that don't grow red lumps all over their faces too!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Definitely not the best looking duck but can you eat there eggs?


You can eat their eggs and their meat if you want. They lay very well.


There's definitely no beating a fresh egg , cheers mike . Ps that was not ment to be a joke

I don't think they are ugly. Natural beauty 😊


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nature rocks.

No kidding, when I first saw one of these characters, I thought it had been experimented on with nuclear radiation by mad scientists. I asked and was told they were completely healthy and were Egyptian ducks. (they do have the name cairina which may have been mistaken for "from Cairo") This was back in the 1950's, at a well-known place called the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary (associated with MSU -- Michigan State University) in Western Michigan.

Even then I always thought they were really quite ugly, but noticed they had pretty good personalities. For a nickle you could buy a handful of corn in those days, from "gumball-type" machines and we fed all the birds and tried to get them to eat out of our hands. Very often we got bit, which is nothing serious, especially by the swans which do so deliberately. Swans are a little nasty, or they simply resent having to eat out of your hand.

Now these Muscovy ducks are very much at home in Florida so we run into them all the time, with all the canals and all. They even have become quite a pest, pooping in swimming pools and lawn furniture and the like, the same as the iguanas which are also out of control. ¡Viva la naturaleza!

In Louisiana they call them Muscovia... my girlfriend and I took her son to the park to visit them and these were mean! We had to pick him up and run to the car.


No that sounds funny!!!! I can imagine you holding her son and running to the car while being chased by a duck .. you made me smile!!!!! Love you Friend .. SUNSHINE247


It wasn't funny at the time... The poor boy was terrified. Those things have a nasty bite to a small child.


I can only imagine .. I hope it makes you smile when you look back at it .. maybe even get a good laugh .. Love you Friend!!! SUNSHINE247

@papa-pepper good post, thanks . Any special function of the red skin in the face apart from distinguishing from other breed? Muscovy ducks looks great , nice pic.

Very good post @papa-pepper

Hard to beat baby ducks. I just read they are the only ducks not related to mallards or something to that effect. I didn't verify that fact. They are beautiful just the way they are.


Right, there are two basic lines of ducks, those that come from mallards, and then these.


Hey, I learned something new today. Tnx!

@papa-pepper - Usually, it is true that the young ones always look cute in any species of animals or birds. I guess it could be our hidden parental instinct that makes us feel that when we see any young one! The young Muscovi ducklings are certainly cute. The adult ones are ferocious looking - some people may feel they are ugly but we have to remember that there is a beauty of purpose to everything in nature. Perhaps the red puffy parts of the face were an evolutionary feature to strike fear into some predators - perhaps like many other species who carry some distinctive color or form to try and intimidate predators.
Thanks - I am always awestruck to see how much you care for your pets and farm animals as well as wild creatures. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted.


We had some of these years ago. They are different that's for sure. I think they have their own beauty. Just like a lot of animals, their uniqueness makes them more beautiful. Yes some people think the babies of some animals are cuter than the adults but I think the opposite is true for some as well. Thanks for sharing these beauties.


I think that they have their own beauty too!

It is not ugly or disgusting as some people think..
I am pet lover and i like all the animals..

Thanks for great content
Note , I start to feel more better today after water therapy..
Thanks for great support..
Have a great saturday..


I like them too. I am glad that the water therapy is helping. It must be a terrible pain.


Thanks for reply
Yes it is terrible pain
But today after water therapy, diet Treatment, Garlic, Chamomile tea and Breathing exercises.. I start to feel a little bit better..
Thanks again for support..

Very interesting species! And both the male and female have the facial characteristic? That would rule out the red feature being part of attracting a mate.

I'm with @vm2904 that it must be some kind of protection element to ward off predators. Not sure how that would work, but evolution does everything for a reason .

Thanks for sharing!!


While I do not believe in macro-evolution, I certainly agree with the reason and purpose for things, even if we do not understand it.

gracias por compartir este contenido con nosotros te di un voto espero que te guste

They are so ugly, they're cute. I have a small flock that I raise for meat and eggs. I know one thing, they sure are tasty!

Hey, @papa-pepper! All babies are cute, animal or human. As they grow and change, they will all have their own beauty. Even those some may consider ugly. All have inner beauty if we chose to look...


Well said! Thanks!


Hey Friend .. not nice to force yourself on others in someone elses post :( Be kind and stop doing this .. It is not helping your cause .. Have a GREAT day nido097 .. SUNSHINE247

hi papa, come to me 😂

Great post, papa

I have always heard of the Muscovy duck but never knew it was wild or what it looked like. You asked if this duck was beautiful. No, not to me, looking at it's outward appearance. But, as with any species, human or other, once we are around it often we see it for it's inner self usually determined by our interaction with it.

In our native tongue as a Visayan from Philippines, we call them "pato". I can't say they are ugly nor they are beautiful but I bet that they are yummy hehehe just kiddin!

So cute and nice clicks

They are defintly different looking. Would I own one no. My landlord would probably kick me out if I had a duck in my apartment. And my neighbors would complain.


LOL. These ones don't quack at least, but they do hiss and make other noises.

A face only a mother could love.

Weird and beautiful :)


That they are!

Wow, that's an ugly duck. The skin formation on the 7th photo looks better though. Seems more like a mask than an overgrown skin.


Yeah, they vary quite a bit. Our adults look more like that one, while some are really bubbled up.

apart from steem what do you do professionally (dont mind me asking I am just curious)!! and these ducks look like they are about to participate in a ballroom for some james-bond movie with all that masks on their face !!


I am trying to work my way into the house, where we cross most bills off of our list and build a house out of pocket and own our land, providing for most of our own needs. Recently I have been laying hardwood flooring and cutting lawns, but stopped a bit ago and am still on vacation for my parents 40th wedding anniversary.

My goal is to work from home by using our land to produce useful things like food plants and other things.


wow .....And you have been doing that alone ?? and you plan to grow for self consumption or to sell in market too !! make a post about it what you have been working upon would love to read more about it !!


Yeah, we have been doing it as a family, with me in the lead. It took a lot of effort to work so hard at the job, steemit consistently, and work on the homestead, but we are moving forward.

We plan on producing more than we need to either sell or share, and be able to bless others as well.


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haha there are way too many spammers in your posts !! finished reading this post just now !! I too write some travel logs and time to time paint and write poetry (i submitted one in your competition wildnstrange) I would love it if you can see some of it ! and best of luck for your home and your future endeavors !!


I'll check. I was getting interested in you anyway!

I have a strange urge to stroke there elevated red skin.. while sipping on tea lmao

That's the ugliest kind of duck I have ever seen. Duckling is fine. Between, these ducks have 2 patterns on their head. I guess it's male and female distinction. The one with more bulges look uglier!! xD

I think they are neat looking. I'd have a couple here if I ever found any but for now I'll just have to stick with the ones we've got. :D

I find beauty in everything :) These guys are a bit creepy but I do like how the hair down the center of their forehead is so slick and tight under the gross red wart like things around their eyes. Do you know what the purpose of these red things are, are they there for a reason? Do they only get them around their eyes? If so, it makes me wonder what they are there for? I must say that your ducklings are way more cute and look like a chick, especially the yellow one. Are these ducks for pets only or do you plan to raise them for some other reason? Nature is so amazing!!! Thanks for posting .. SUNSHINE247

You crack me up! If one of my neighbors gave me those ducks, I would be in a complete tizzy, about what to do. And yes, they are weirdly beautiful.


Thankfully these ducks are already hard at work making more for us!

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WOW. That is some crazy duck.