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Plastic garbage is a whole lot of a problem. 😔🐋💙
This incredible life-size art work was made entirely out of rubbish shaped into a dead blue whale. It was constructed by Phillipines Greenpeace and is a grim reminder of what we are doing to this planet..
EVERYBODY has the power to HELP, say no to plastics. Recycle, clean up your beaches, don’t litter.. all rather simple steps that can help shape the future, in years to come there will be much plastic in the ocean than fishes 🐠 🐳 because the amount of dirts dumped into the ocean is approximately 1 full load truck per minute
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Hola Naturaleza/BLOG @easytyga
Estoy de acuerdo contigo y con muchas personas en la preservación de la naturaleza...
¡Impactante fotografía!
Al principio, cuando observe la ballena, creí en verdad que era una ballena verdadera, me dio impotencia y dolor al verla muerta en la playa; pero luego, me di cuenta que es solo una obra de arte de tamaño natural hecha con basura plástica. Felicitaciones al constructor Phillipines Greenpeace y al fotografo por crear esta sombría ilusión óptica.
A usted le doy mi voto por su publicación
Gracias por leerme!


Hey hermano, gracias por comentar, lo entiendo español, pero he usado translstor .. Riendo


Very nice ... thank you!

This is on my wishlist!


Woooow awesome one bro, thank you for sharing, i hope things like this will be made available everywhere, gonna make a huge difference, and save alot of animals life, most especially it will benefit our eco system

I try to avoid plastic as much as I can, tell others to the same


Yes, even if we can't avoid them, let's recycle them ♻

Upvoted you. It makes me furious to think what we do to our oceans and our environment in general. I know I'm a part of the problem, even though I live inland. Other than myself not polluting, I feel powerless over this problem.


Exactly, we are all part of the problem, even if we don't directly dump dirt in the ocean, the one we dropped in our yard or on the road when rain falls its still taking it to the ocean 😢😢😢

That's very bad
But What else do you expect that's the society for you


Yeah, thats true but educating people on recycling could make a lil difference u know 😇😇

Same thing with in steemit. . . The more junk or spam can make a big whale feed the bait wrong, so that is worth the attention / original article so untouched by the big whale. . Really in pity.


Yeah, very true


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This is a crime in the right environment :(


It is a crime everywhere, it doesn't mean people will stop doing it

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So sad but a good way to get some people who never think about this problem to see the enormity of it. I like there way of conveying the message. I will be sure to resteem when done writing this to help increase awareness of this problem. Thank you for bringing light to this story again.


Thank you sooo much

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Is awful to see but great to raise awareness


Thank you.. nd yeah very awful

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