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As you may remember, I was in Georgia recently. And when I visited Uplistsikhe cave settlement, I was amused by number of lizards. It looked like they were on every second stone. I saw also dead lizards who were killed by accident (I hope so).

And when we were leaving the settlement, I got the feeling, that when people left this place, it was populated by lizards, and we are wrong supposing that it is abandoned and uninhabited. They at all, we are just their guests.

We developed this theme, and finally Levan suggested that in the future Lizards will rule the world :) Everyone liked this phrase, and time after time someone uttered it during the whole travel :) Sometime it is fun to be childish.



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Nice shots. We seem to have a lot of lizards here In Australia too and I have taken quite a few photos of them in parks and gardens over a period of time.

Oh yes, I remember one of your shots. Your lizards are very different to me, and looks more like a small dragons 😊

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I used to keep my distance when taking photos of our Eastern Water dragons @zirochka but I have become very fond of them as they are pretty harmless. Some close up photos can make them appear rather intimidating and they do challenge their perceived predators which is fair enough.

This must be a distant cousin of our lizzard. :-)

I think so.

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Дякую за цiкавi фото!

Howdy zirochka! Very interesting, that land of the lizards! Really good photos too!

You're right, I remember that landmark as land of caves and lizards 😄

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