A unknown animal.....🤔🤔🤔 Look like a pokemon...😘😘😘

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A strange animal seen in village jiyagaon of Dewas district, MP, the team of Police A forest department reached the spot on the spot being told that this animal has been first sighted in India by the forest department team.

Is someone of steemit community knows about that animal ?
Resteem until the name and the species of this animal found.
If someone knows about that animal comment on the comment box.
The person who tell about the animal first will be gifted with 0.01 sbd from me.

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It looks a lot like an armadillo @satyamsoni. There are 21 different types of armadillos. Here is a picture of its cousin:

@marcovanhassel do you where armadillo and its species found ?

To my knowledge only in South- and North- America

How the species found in south and north America suddenly found in india.
This animal was never seen in India yet.

Maybe he's an excellent swimmer?

Looks like a pangolin to me

After @marcovanhassel taught me that it is armadillo i start research over it and i found pangolin...
This animal is most likely pangolin.
What & how do you know about it ?

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his form and characteristics are familiar and can searched... Is it a dead one already? :(

No, it is alive

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Looks like an armadillo, alligator and anteater got together for a three way. Antegatillo.

I think you have great knowledge about animals.
Specially on the species of animal.
Can you gave as some knowledge about that animal.

Actually, I have never seen anything that looks close to that. :)

OK, thanks for your comment.

looks like it's dead

No it is alive, the forester just make it unconscious as they found it is a wild animal.

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