Why Are Bees Dead After Stinging Humans And How To Handle Bee Stings?

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Steemians - Perhaps you've been stung by a bee and a bee that stung you suddenly died instantly. And of course we'll have to ask ourselves why can this bee die after stinging? Well, here's the explanation.

As we already know that, Bees are flying insects that have 3 pairs of legs and 2 pairs of wings. In general, bees build their nests in wooden trees and roofs of houses with a form consisting of a collection of Hexagonal structures.

Bees have a vital, vital role in the life-cycle ecosystem of all living things. Because 80% of pollination is done by bees.

Bees have a function as pollinators that help the plants in the spread of pollen.

Bees are also an insect animal that can attack if they feel harassed. The bees will attack by using their sting as bumps of resistance and self-defense from threats.

This Bee Sting (in humans) can cause irritation, swelling, flushing, burning around the sting and also itching. In certain circumstances, bee stings can also be life-threatening if the person has an allergy to a Bee sting that triggers an Anaphylactic reaction.

Anaphylactic reactions are a condition characterized by a sudden drop in blood pressure and a narrowing of the respiratory tract causing the patient to be unconscious or unconscious.

Although small scale but at least there are 2/3 people who die from bee stings every year.

Why Bees die after Stinging?

As said before, to protect itself from annoyance and distraction, Bees will attack in a stinging way. But a few minutes after stinging, the Bee will die. Why does this happen?

Apparently after stung (humans), bees must immediately run away so that the needle sting on the tail and the bee gland bag will be released from the body and plugged into the body (human) affected by the sting.

This causes the bee's body is damaged even apart from the bee's own body. Thus after stinging (humans), Bees will also die because of it.

Be aware that the bee sting needle is merged with other organs in the bee so that if the sting is loose, then the organs of the bee will also be infused or damaged by it.

Therefore rarely do bees attack other creatures unless they feel threatened before they attack. Like the word if they have attacked mreka (bee) should be ready to be martyred.

Bee Life Cycle

Bees are insects have 4 stages of growth and change in life before Metamorphosis becomes perfect (adult bees). The four stages are:

  • Egg
  • Larvae (shaped caterpillar)
  • Pupa (shaped cocoon)
  • Imago (Adult)

How To Handle Bee Stings?

Bee stings will feel painful and uncomfortable, but rarely have a long impact. In most cases, home care alone is sufficient.

In addition, the stung body part should feel better within a few hours or 1-2 days.

However, differences in treatment of bee and wasp stings are important to note, especially in detecting whether you are experiencing severe reactions from a sting so that you can seek appropriate medical treatment.

But even so, do not ever underestimate the bee sting because in some special cases the impact of this bee sting can be very lethal.

So if we are stung by a bee what should we do? Do the following tips:

1. Observe the appearance of the sting.


Bee stings and wasps may look very similar. Unless you see a stinging insect, you may find it difficult to know for sure, so knowing the parts to watch for a sting wound may be beneficial.

And that way you will be easy to take the appropriate countermeasures.

2. Overcome the sting.


Make sure the cause of your sting bees or wasps. If there is a sting device left in the skin, be sure not to press it. Watch your body's reaction to sting, in general, a stung person will experience an allergic reaction to proteins in the wasp or bee poison. Your reaction level determines whether further treatment or medical help is needed.

3. Give first aid to the sting without the rest of the sting device.


Wash the location of the sting slowly with soap and water. Use cold water to reduce discomfort. Do not use hot / warm water because it will accelerate blood circulation to the location of the sting and aggravate swelling.

Then, attach an ice pack or a cold compress to reduce the swelling. If you use ice, apply a towel between the skin and ice to avoid the risk of skin problems due to cold temperatures. Paste an ice pack or cold pack for 20 minutes in each hour until you feel better.

4. Give first aid to the sting with the rest of the sting device.


If the above method is a first aid against the sting without the rest of the sting device then first aid against the sting that has the rest of the sting device has a different way.

First you have to do is remove a sting device from the skin. The sting device should be located in the middle of the sting. The toxic pouch on the sting device will continue to insert the toxins into your body once the bees fly away.

Do not pull out the sting device with your fingers or tongs. However, wash your hands, then gouge the sting device with your fingernail and pull it out without pressing its poison pouch. You can also gouge the location of the sting with the tip of the ATM card to pull it out.

5. Provide home care.


In most cases, the signs and symptoms of the shock will subside within a few hours or 1-2 days. There are some home treatments that can ease the sting of wasps or bees. These treatments include:

  • Make a baking soda paste and water to stick to the stinging part. Cake soda can help calm sting wounds, and reduce swelling and itching.

  • It turns out honey can also be used for anti-bacterial due to bee stings. The way is simply apply the honey to the sting to reduce swelling and discomfort. Because Honey has natural antibacterial properties.

  • Blend some cloves of garlic and apply the juice to the stinging part. Garlic also has natural antibacterial properties.

  • Lavendel's lavender oil can help reduce bee sting and wasp pain when applied to the stinging surface of the skin.

Well, that's the reason behind the death of bees after stinging and a way to do first aid if we get stung by a bee.

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